FOX Announces Fall TV Schedule: Gifted, Lethal Weapon & More

FOX has announced its new fall TV schedule for 2018, including premiere dates and air times for The Gifted, Lethal Weapon, The Simpsons, and more. For most of 2018, when FOX has been in the headlines, it's revolved around the network's parent company 21st Century Fox trying to negotiate a sale of much of its assets to Disney. While the FOX broadcast network isn't one of the assets up for sale - Disney already owns ABC, and thus can't also own FOX due to regulatory rules - it's become well-known that the type of programming the network offers is set to change drastically should the deal be finalized.

The stated plan is for whatever Disney doesn't buy - namely the FOX network, Fox Sports, and Fox News - to become a new company, appropriately called New Fox. At that point FOX is planning to shift away from a focus on scripted programming, and instead become a network focused primarily on unscripted shows, sports, and other live events. While that shift may be coming, it isn't here yet, and fans of scripted comedy and drama have at least one more season of new and returning FOX shows to look forward to.

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Starting off the week on FOX's new primetime schedule is the Monday night pairing of sophomore dramas The Resident (8pm) and 9-1-1 (9pm), both of which debuted earlier this year as midseason replacements, and will be premiering on September 24. It's worth noting that 9-1-1's premiere is a two-day affair, airing on both September 23 and 24. On Tuesday nights - beginning September 25 - season 2 of Marvel's X-Men spinoff series The Gifted (8pm) will be paired with the newly Clayne Crawford-less season 3 of Lethal Weapon (9pm). It's a new night for Gifted, which shared Mondays with Lucifer prior to FOX canceling that DC-based series and Netflix picking it up.

The Simpsons - Homer Woo Hoo

Wednesday, September 26 sees the return of last year's line-up, as Lee Daniels-created dramas Empire (8pm) and Star (9pm) are once again paired together. FOX Thursdays this fall won't be of interest to anyone but those ready for some football, as the NFL's Thursday Night Football broadcasts control the night. This is a new acquisition for FOX, which aired Gotham and The Orville on Thursdays last fall. With The Exorcist now exorcised from the FOX roster, Fridays - beginning September 28 - will see Hell's Kitchen move back an hour to 9pm, while new comedy duo Last Man Standing and The Cool Kids fill the 8pm hour. Last Man Standing is of course only new to FOX, as the Tim Allen-fronted sitcom previously aired on ABC for six seasons before being canceled.

Finally, FOX Sundays - beginning September 30 - have shifted around a bit, following the cancellations of both Ghosted and Last Man on Earth. The Simpsons season 30 retains its usual 8pm spot, with Bob's Burgers moving from 7:30 to 8:30, Family Guy staying put at 9pm, and new sitcom REL airing at 9:30.  Notably, REL will air a special preview episode on Sunday, September 9. For those wondering when Gotham season 5 or The Orville season 2 will premiere, both series are being held back for midseason.

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