Might Fox Actually Renew Dollhouse? [Updated]

The word on the street is that the Fox network is thinking about renewing Dollhouse.  Color me shocked.  Even Eliza is holding her head in shock!  (Read this article carefully.  There's a surprise tidbit in here.)

Despite miserably low ratings in its Friday night time slot, Dollhouse brings in strong online streaming numbers and DVR viewings.  Initially thought to be a non-issue to advertisers, it's still apparently an influence on the waffling of renewals.

On top of that, sci-fi shows bring in good revenue when it comes to DVD sales.

If you dwell on it, isn't that a conundrum?  Networks tend to have so little patience with the slightest bobble in the ratings that they're pretty quick to dump shows based on the latest numbers.  Then we have to buy the DVDs.  Hmm...  Do we smell a conspiracy maybe?

Anyhow, the rumor floating around...  you really need to be sitting down for this one:  Is that the Fox execs really liked the show.  Particularly the 2nd half.  LOL.  I really did laugh out loud on that one.  The 2nd half of the season was the part where the studio withdrew their sticky fingers from the production process and let Joss actually run the show.  You know, do something he knows how to do.

As I said in my weekly TV article, Joss Whedon has been in talks with Fox, discussing where he would take season 2 and how to make it a viable platform for advertisers.

Me, I'm suspecting we might see more blatant product placement -  "This mind wipe machine is programmed by Microsoft!"

So for now, we have to just sit patiently, cross our fingers and wait.  We'll find out by Monday at the latest.

Stay tuned to THIS article and we'll update you when we find anything out!

Bonus Item I'm Sneaking In Here:  Chuck

Word on the digital street is saying that Chuck is almost certainly going to be coming back to NBC.  That's the rumor.  And that's my special gift to you for reading my words!

Have a great weekend gang!


Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Dollhouse has been officially renewed for a 13 episode season.  Other factors being quoted are cost concessions from 20th Century and Joss Whedon demonstrating he can create the show on a smaller budget.

This is good news... now, we wait for Fox to actually make the announcement.  That would be very reassuring.

Source:  THR Feed, EW

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