Fox Reportedly Leaning More Toward Disney Than Other Potential Buyers

Disney is reportedly the preferred destination for some of 21st Century Fox's assets, and not Comcast or any other potential buyers. The entire Hollywood landscape could soon change with reports surfacing over the last several weeks that Fox is looking to sell. The decision to sell all TV and film related divisions of the company has been brought about by a declining box office and a greater push towards streaming. When looking to find a potential buyer, Fox reportedly reached out to Disney first to gauge the Mouse House's interest. Reports of these talks surfaced and were quickly said to have fallen through - with the chance that both sides could reconsider.

With Disney said to be out of the picture, several other studios tested the waters. Sony and Comcast have talked to Fox about striking a potential deal, but the competition has brought Disney back into the fold. Talks between the two sides have reportedly picked up and a deal could potentially be agreed upon by the year's end. Throughout Disney's resurgence in this race, Comcast has continued to stay in contact with Fox, but Disney is reportedly the favorite.

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Bloomberg is reporting that 21st Century Fox would prefer to sell its available movie and TV assets (everything excluding Fox News and Fox Sports) to Disney instead of Comcast. This report says the reasoning behind Disney being favored is the pairing being viewed as "a better strategic fit and presents fewer regulatory hurdles." One of the other potential benefits for the Murdoch family is for Fox's current CEO James Murdoch to join the higher ups at Disney. The timetable for a decision remains the end of the year, but the report goes on to say the Murdochs will only make a deal with the right price and structure.

As more reports surface on Fox's intention to sell, it continues to look more and more likely that Disney will be the ultimate landing spot. Any decision to sell will only add to Disney's huge library, and it would come at the perfect time as they look to launch a streaming service of their own. That alone is said to be a huge factor in Disney's interest, so all of the added bonuses (like Marvel Studios gaining access to X-Men and Fantastic Four) would just be icing on the cake.

All that said, this is still a very fluid situation and just because Fox wants to sell to Disney doesn't mean Disney will ultimately give them what they want. Comcast is waiting in the wings to pounce if any hiccups happen with Disney, but any major divides seem unlikely at this point. If anything, it may just be a matter of time before its official and Disney and Fox are one. Until that time comes (if it ever does), stay tuned to Screen Rant for further updates.

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Source: Bloomberg

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