Fox to Produce Super Hero Movie 'Chronicle'

Fox making 'Chronicle' super hero movie

Max Landis, son of Hollywood director John Landis, is in negotiations to have Twentieth Century Fox produce his spec script Chronicle. The younger Landis has written episodes of Masters of Horror and NBC's Fear Itself. Josh Trank who edited 2009’s critically acclaimed Big Fan is attached to direct.  Trank is another son of Hollywood, his father Richard Trank having won an Academy Award for his documentary The Long Way Home in 1997.

Chronicle has a couple of potential public opinion hurdles to overcome before the ink has even had a chance to dry on the deal. First, with a near constant influx of super hero movies it is easy to dismiss this as just another in a steady stream of look-a-likes.  Second, there will likely be some knee jerk resentment of the perceived “Hollywood insider” nepotism involved in the production. However, in the interest of keeping an open mind, this film may be an opportunity to gain a youthful perspective on the genre. One which is befitting of the age and experience of its creators.

The story of Chronicle tells the tale of three Portland teens who begin to develop super powers after exposure to a “mysterious substance” in the woods.  The teens must learn to negotiate their powers and use them to their advantage as personal and family matters begin to turn them against each other. The filmmakers propose shooting in a handheld, quasi documentary style ala Cloverfield.

I was a fan of the mixed narrative/documentary style in District 9 and feel it is a technique that can work beautifully when done well. There is something about this story, setting and proposed shooting style that I find intriguing. It has the potential to be a grittier more real take on the super-hero trope, one which incorporates elements of a Shallow Grave thematically; a look at the pitfalls and seductive draw of power.

What do you think?

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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