Hulu's Four Weddings & A Funeral Trailer Reveals Mindy Kaling's TV Adaptation

Hulu releases the Four Weddings and a Funeral TV show trailer, teasing the miniseries from Mindy Kaling that's based on the 1994 same-named film.

Hulu releases the Four Weddings and a Funeral TV show trailer. Based on the 1994 feature film of the same name, the miniseries is co-produced by Richard Curtis, the screenwriter of both the original movie and the new 2019 musical fantasy Yesterday. Hulu’s version was adapted for television by Mindy Kaling and Matt Warburton.

Directed by Mike Newell, 1994’s Four Weddings and a Funeral stars Hugh Grant as a single man named Charles. At a Somerset wedding, he falls for an American woman named Carrie (Andie MacDowell), only to learn that she’s going back to the United States. Multiple weddings and the inevitable funeral ensue, as the main group of characters try to find happiness. Four Weddings and a Funeral was a massive box office hit, and ultimately received two Oscar nominations, including a Best Original Screenplay nod for Curtis. In addition, Grant won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor - Musical or Comedy, and subsequently became an A-list leading man in the romantic comedy genre. In Hulu’s adaption, Nathalie Emmanuel stars as Maya. The miniseries features supporting performances from Nikesh Patel (Indian Summers), Rebecca Rittenhouse (The Mindy Project), and John Paul Reynolds (Stranger Things).

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Hulu released a trailer for the miniseries Four Weddings and a Funeral. The clip begins with character drama, as Emmanuel’s Maya clashes with Patel’s Kash at an airport. The narrative then shifts overseas and introduces Maya’s core group of friends, all of whom seemingly align with specific character archetypes. Maya inadvertently reunites with the aforementioned Kash, a man that she once labeled as “Ryan Gosling dipped in caramel," at least according to a friend. With the relationship drama further established, Maya reflects on whether she’s taken the “wrong path,” a concept that will surely drive the narrative as a whole. By the end, the clip shifts attention to friendship dynamics, and features a cameo from one of the original movie’s cast members. Additionally, EW released the show's first poster. Check out the Four Weddings and a Funeral trailer and poster below.

Four Weddings and a Funeral TV Show Poster Hulu

Hulu first announced the Four Weddings and a Funeral adaptation in November 2017. Last August, the main cast was announced, which originally included American actress Jessica Williams. Soon thereafter, Williams’ character was reportedly “reconceived” as Maya, and she was replaced by Emmanuel, an English actress. Emmanuel began her television career with a main role on the British soap opera Hollyoaks, and she famously portrayed the character Missandei in HBO’s Game of Thrones. In 2020, Emmanuel will appear in Fast & Furious 9.

Even though Emmanuel doesn’t have a strong comedic resume like Williams, she’s certainly a charming and polished actress, evidenced by her collective Game of Thrones performances. And that skill set will be important for Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral, especially if the showrunners hope to match the original film’s endearing qualities and pop culture buzz. Kaling previously collaborated with Hulu for The Mindy Project, so fans can expect a similar mix of genre tropes and timely comedy. 

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Source: Hulu, EW

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