Four Indiana Jones Movies On The Way?

[UPDATE: Lucasfilms denies this as rumor, but that doesn't mean it isn't true...]

Sorry about my cynical mood towards the upcoming Indiana Jones movie, but it just really smells like beating a dead horse to me. Having said that, I would love to be proved wrong on this one, I really would, since I'm a HUGE fan of the original film and I really liked the third one as well. I just don't believe that after almost 20 years the old gang will be able to recapture the magic.

So you can imagine my reaction to the fact that they're planning three more films to come after the currently in production Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Gods.

According to IESB, not only has Shia Lebouf signed on for another three Indy flicks following the one he's working on now, but so has Harrison Ford!

One of the few things I enjoyed in the Transformers movie was Shia's performance, but can he carry on as the next Indiana Jones? Seems like an awfully big mantle for the young man and it will require quite a reboot of the adventuring archaeologist character that became such an icon.

And what about Ford? How will he fit into the additional films? He's already 65 years old, and although he still has his rugged manliness about him, he's no Sean Connery.


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