The Fosters Season 5 Finale Was A Perfect Ending To The Show

The Fosters

Some shows go out on a whimper, but The Fosters season 5 finale gave fans a perfect ending. The Fosters featured all the hallmarks of a typical family drama – parent/child strife, teenage angst, sibling dynamics – but what set the Freeform series apart from other shows was its wholly modern slant. Rather than a run-of-the-mill nuclear family, The Fosters focused on a blended, multi-ethnic family headed by same-sex couple Stef and Lena and made up of their mix of adopted and biological children.

Over the show’s five-season run, viewers watched the Foster family go through all kinds of highs and lows and it was only right the series have an epic send-off. So instead of just one finale, The Fosters season 5 had two. In the first (sort-of) season finale, a couple of time jumps meant audiences got to see the Foster kids graduate high school and head off in their own directions to different colleges while learning Brandon had got engaged to fellow musician Eliza.

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If that wasn’t emotional enough, The Fosters’ fifth and final season officially concluded with a three-part grand finale set a few years after the pseudo-finale, which saw the Foster family gather in Turks & Caicos for Brandon and Eliza’s wedding. The time jump meant viewers got to see how the Foster kids are faring as young adults and wrapped up some loose ends. Brandon and Callie, for example, came to terms with their former relationship before he and Eliza wed, while Emma and Jesus decided to break up and Jude (Hayden Byerly, Parenthood) confessed he’d been struggling at college in L.A.

But the real lump in the throat moment of The Fosters last episode came in the very final scenes as the clan returned home and gathered for one last family dinner. There Callie reveals she’s taking a clerkship job in L.A. which brings her a step further in her law career and meaning she’ll be living closer to Jude. Mariana also reveals she has a job offer in L.A. and the Foster family convinces Lena to run for State Assembly.

That sadly meant selling the Foster family home, but saying goodbye to the house they'd lived in as everybody was flying the nest and coming into their own was a befitting – if bittersweet – farewell to the family and the show. And, of course, that reveal about Callie and Mariana’s paths merging in Los Angeles led perfectly into The Fosters spinoff show Good Trouble which follows the sisters as they enter the working world as young adults.

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