Forza Horizon 4 Includes a Mission Based on an Iconic Original Halo Level

Forza Horizon Halo

Forza Horizon 4 has been the subject of a rather significant leak, and included in the image dump was a picture of a Warthog from the Halo series. Forza Horizon is no stranger to tie-ins with Halo as a whole, with the Warthog also appearing in Forza Horizon 3, but this recent leak suggests that the game could even include an entire mission based around one of the most well-known levels from the Halo franchise as a whole.

So far, Forza Horizon 4 had been shaping up to be a strong continuation of the racing series, with developer Playground Games doubling down on what made previous iterations so successful. Chief among the changes being brought in, however, was a change in setting, with the game's E3 2018 gameplay trailer showcasing a trip to Britain. As it turns out, though, players may be making a journey to a different island altogether.

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That's because the image shared in part of that Imgur leak from an early version of Forza Horizon 4 gives plenty of details about exactly where this Halo content could be placed. As seen in the screenshot below, the Warthog is being driven across a beach, with a Covenant ship in the background and even a Halo ring itself in the distance.

Halo Warthog Forza Horizon 4

Long-term fans of the Halo series will no doubt recognise this particular setting, as this very closely resembles the level "The Silent Cartographer" from the original Halo. It's one of the most important and memorable missions from the game, with Master Chief racing down a beach in a Warthog, and potential Forza Horizon 4 players have been sharing their thoughts about whether a Forza mission based on "The Silent Cartographer" is on the cards.

Adding in a mission that matches up to a level from the first Halo would be a neat little nod to the Xbox's most well-known franchise, and no doubt fans would appreciate the link. Meanwhile, transposing that section of "The Silent Cartographer" into Forza Horizon 4's gameplay could be a thrilling - and interesting - experience for players. An added bonus would also be that it would give Halo fans that little bit of extra content while waiting for more information on the upcoming Halo Infinite.

Exactly how players will be able to acquire this potential level will be intriguing to see as well. Previously, getting the Warthog in Forza Horizon 3 had been locked behind events or accessible for Xbox owners who had played both Horizon 3 and Halo 5. With the Forza franchise as a whole rolling back loot boxes and paid tokens, hopefully the mission can be simply accessed through good, old-fashioned gameplay.

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Source: Imgur (via Eurogamer)

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