Fortnite's John Wick Skin and LTM Leak Early

Fortnite John Wick Skin LTM Leak

A new Fortnite John Wick leak has revealed two new skins for players, alongside details on the LTM that will embrace the trilogy's penchant for flashy violence when it debuts in the near future. Fortnite's recurring multimedia crossovers have helped the game's popularity immensely, bringing over potential new players who are fans of its partners while rewarding fans with the kind of pop culture references that have made other games like World of Warcraft have serious staying power.

The most famous Fortnite crossover is the one that occurred with Avengers: Infinity War, which saw Thanos invade the world of Fortnite for a time and produce endless meme gifs of one of the Marvel universe's scariest threats doing the running man and various other dances. While the Fortnite John Wick partnership might not have quite the same reach as the Avengers effort did, it's one that might excite players even more, ever since a Season 3 reward skin based on Wick was introduced and quickly became one of the most popular among veterans of the battle royale title.

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According to the leak, which was revealed by Fortnite dataminer Lucas7yoshi_, fans can expect two different Fortnite John Wick skins: a regular, clean version and then a damaged version that makes characters look like Wick does after the first fight in each movie, which is to say a little rough around the edges. The dataminer also discovered images of a gold token back bling, which is a reference to the currency of the underworld in the John Wick franchise. The gold token back bling appears related to the LTM, too, which will require players to work in teams and "eliminate the other bounty hunters" to reach a specific token count.

According to datamined text, players will also be only afford three eliminations of their own before they're out for good. Players who collect a large number of tokens will also be marked on the map as leaders, increasing their bounty and making them the target of other players participating in the LTM. Even more interestingly, Lucas7yoshi_ also uncovered a mention of the Continental, the assassin hotel chain in the John Wick franchise. It's possible we'll see the actual hotel crop up as part of the Fortnite John Wick crossover, but it's a hefty addition, so for now it should be treated as just a rumor:

If there's one thing to be said about the Fortnite John Wick leaks, it's that they've managed to generate a lot of excitement in the game's community over both the skins and LTM. Despite recent negative publicity over Fortnite developer crunch, the company continues to churn out huge swaths of content with very little time spent in-between updates — something that remains Epic Games' greatest strength but also one of the more troubling practices given the industry's current understanding of the developer's practices.

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Source: Lucas7yoshi_/Twitter

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