Fortnite's Newest Update Made Some Fan-Friendly Changes

Fortnite character throws Chug Splash

Fortnite has made some notable changes in its latest update. The popular battle royale game entered its Season 9 last month, and there have been a number of updates shaking up the gameplay.

Season 9 of Fortnite began with some major map changes. Tilted Towers was destroyed at the end of season 8, shocking players around the world. It was replaced with Neo Titled, a futuristic version of the city. Meanwhile, another popular map area, Retail Row, was replaced with Mega Mall. There is also Pressure Plant, an industrial factory in the heart of the volcano. On the weapons and items side, Shadow Bombs add a way for players to potentially evade defeat, or perhaps sneak up on someone. Drum Guns, one of the more popular weapons, was recently unvaulted. Surprisingly, the Hunting Rifle was vaulted. All of this shows that Epic Games isn't afraid to make notable changes to the game, and that continues in the latest update.

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Epic Games has released the patch notes for Fortnite's latest update. Three weapons were vaulted: Dual Pistols, the Boom Bow, and Dynamite. This update is not all about removal, however. A new type of drink was implemented, called "Chug Splash." This drink should be especially useful in Squads.

When thrown, the Chug Splash splatters helpful liquid. Whoever is in the splash zone (including opponents) is given 20 Health/Shield. Shotgun usage was also tweaked. The patch notes state that Shotgun Swap Delay was removed. So, as an example, if players have a shotgun and an assault rifle, there's no longer a cool-down between weapons. However, this cool-down still applies if a player is carrying multiple Shotguns. Finally, regarding the Combat Shotgun, its long range damage was lessened.

It is probably difficult for Epic to decide what to vault, unvault, or alter. The Boom Bow may have been one of Fortnite's most overpowered weapons, so it's understandable that it's gone from the modes. Dynamite is basically a stronger version of Grenades, so its removal definitely affects the amount of explosives throughout a game. It is interesting that the popular Dual Pistols was removed. Although not grossly overpowered, its more powerful versions can do big damage. It's also a unique two-shot weapon effective for pressuring opponents. It's not unlikely we'll see the Dual Pistols make a return once again at some point however, considering that the fast-firing Drum Gun has returned.

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Source: Epic Games

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