Parents Are Paying To Get Their Kids Fortnite Training

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Fortnite has become immensely popular over the past year, and new reports are revealing that some parents are even paying for their children to receive Fortnite coaches. The video game became a massive success since its launch, and with its most recent updates, Fortnite doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

July 25, 2018, marked the one year anniversary of Fortnite's release and in one year, the game has become a cultural phenomenon. Epic Games certainly hit a home run with their battle royale style game. In March 2018, Fortnite earned $223 million in just a single month. Players have spent hours upon hours in the world of Fortnite in order to level up their characters and break records within the game. With as popular as the game has become, newcomers may have a hard time playing with more advanced players, which is why parents are hiring Fortnite coaches to help their children excel.

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According to The Wall Street Journal (via Bleacher Report), parents are paying coaches by the hour to improve their children's Fortnite techniques. One parent commented, "There's pressure not to just play it but to be really good at it. You can imagine what that was like for him at school." Parents may commonly pay for their children to learn a sport or an instrument, but now that same concept is going toward video game prowess.

While there was once evidence of Fortnite beginning to slow down, the game developers have continually added updates to the game to keep players interested. Back in May, Thanos was added to the game as a playable character for a limited time. Also, Fortnite was originally released on X-Box One, PS4, Microsoft Windows, and macOS, but has gained even more players now that it's recently expanded to include a mobile game and become available on the Nintendo Switch.

It may seem silly to imagine hiring a video game coach, but the gaming industry has grown so rapidly in the past few decades that games have become an even more popular pass time than they once were. Games like Fortnite have not only become popular to play, but also to watch, thanks to streaming services like Twitch. Constantly practicing to get better at something usually garners good results. Watching someone else play a video game on Twitch can have the same results, since players learn new techniques and gameplay styles.  These two options for upping one's video game skills are not bad ones, but might pale in comparison to just hiring a dedicated coach.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal (via Bleacher Report)

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