Millions of Players Just Watched Fortnite's Map Vanish Into A Black Hole


Update: Eight hours later, Fornite is still only displaying a black hole and is unplayable. Curiosity is at peak levels.

Fortnite is currently enduring its strangest and most-watched event ever. After 10 seasons and setting every gaming record imaginable, the free-to-play battle royale phenomenon just... vanished.

So many people have been watching today's streams of Fortnite that Mixer and Twitch are having outages, while millions still watch on YouTube. Strangely, no one knows what's going on except the sly devs at Epic Games who are probably having the time of their lives this weekend watching the responses.

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We did know something wild would be happening and today's season 10 event was dubbed "The End" while leaks hinted at a new map being launched that included boats. This is now that moment and while we witness the curious black hole, the game servers are likely being updated for the "Chapter 2" relaunch. Perhaps this really is the beginning of Fortnite 2.

Even the official Fortnite channel is bidding a farewell to the infamous battle bus. This is genius marketing since all streaming platforms, influencers, and gaming networks are jumping in on the buzz. And for players, they're getting all-new content while Epic Games will have all-new stuff to sell and license. It's a smart way to keep the live service as lively as ever and to bolster excitement for the already mega-popular title.

Stay tuned to find out what Fortnite: Chapter 2 looks like. Interestingly, the official Fortnite Twitter account has wiped out its history - there only exists the live stream of the black hole and the black hole avatar and cover art. Now we wonder what other live service and battle royale games do to compete and step up their game.


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