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Moisty Palms is coming to Fortnite in Season X, as a dataminer has uncovered it in the filenames. The tenth season of the battle royale giant began on August 1, days after the conclusion of the Fortnite World Cup. Every season has a different theme, and brings new items, abilities, characters, and locations to the ever-changing world of Fornite. Season X is no different, and seems to have a time-travel theme with players finding "rift zones" and Titanfall-style mechs on the battle island.

Locations are always changing from season to season in Fortnite, often with areas being destroyed or re-purposed as part of that season's particular event. The volcano on the island became the Pressure Plant in Season 9, as the location where that season's giant mech was built. Dusty Depot was destroyed by a meteor back in Season 4 and became Dusty Divot. However, staying true to its time-traveling theme, Dusty Depot is being brought back to the arena for Season X.

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According to Dexerto's website, a dataminer named Ep8Script has found several filenames, including one called "Moisty Palms." This was featured along other files named "Dusty Depot" and "Spicy Steps." Players already know that Neo-Tilted Towers is becoming Tilted Town following Season 9, where the mech pulled up the center building and revealed a giant sword hiding in the ground. Ep8Script posted his findings to Reddit, and players have been speculating ever since.

Fortnite Season 9 character poster.

Moisty Mire was one of the original locations on the map when Fortnite launched in 2017. It was destroyed and replaced by Paradise Palms in Season 5. Some players are taking the new rift zones and time-traveling hints to mean that Moisty Palms will be a combination of these two areas and be located where Paradise Palms currently sits. Some are also speculating the filename "Spicy Steps" means that Sunny Steps will also be changing soon. Still, others have pointed out that "Spicy Steps" has appeared in the files of previous seasons and nothing changed.

The shifting map has always been an interesting way to keep Fortnite fresh to returning players and attract newcomers. The game is a huge success for Epic Games, and the developer is always looking for ways to make fan-friendly changes. On top of changing the map, Season X might be attempting to make what's old new again with these supposed mashups. New players will experience these places for the first time, and it'll be a treat for longtime players who haven't seen these areas in four or five seasons.

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Source: Dexerto

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