Fortnite Season X Adds Titanfall Style Mechs, Alternate Dimensions

Fortnite Brute Season X Titanfall Mech

Fortnite season X has finally been unveiled, and fans will be piloting Titanfall-style mechs as they unravel an interdimensional, time-warping plot across this season's narrative. Fortnite season X was teased relentlessly earlier this week, with the biggest news coming in the fact that Dusty Depot will be returning to the map over the course of this season - something fans have requested ever since the location was obliterated during last year's meteor impact.

With the Fortnite World Cup wrapped up for the year and major news networks covering the game with greater scrutiny than usual, Epic Games decided it would be the perfect time to begin revealing facets of season X. It's going to be interesting to see how the season plays out this time around not just for its content, but because one of the game's greatest ambassadors has made a huge career decision that could shake up the reach both he and Fortnite has. Tyler "Ninja" Blevins announced he would be departing Twitch to pursue streaming on Microsoft's Mixer full-time, and that decision will have a ripple effect throughout the industry - especially for Fortnite, which has been so inextricably tied to Ninja since both he and the game began blowing up around the same time.

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Whatever happens to its content creator coverage, Fortnite season X will remain one of the most important live service games of 2019, and very little outside of a major meltdown or transcendent new multiplayer release can change that. Epic Games announced details regarding Fortnite season X earlier, introducing the Titanfall-esque mechs known as Brutes to the game. Brutes can hold two players and can use rocket fire and their own gigantic bodies to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Fortnite season X is based on a theme of nostalgia colliding with the future - that's why Dusty Depot will be returning, although there won't be a full map reset. Instead, there will be rift zones where special properties take hold that warp the landscape and potentially return even more fan favorites to the fold. At the very least, the Fortnite season X battle pass skins continue the theme as they're comprised of previous heroes seen within the game from alternate realities.

Despite a bit of a slower few seasons over the past couple of months, Fortnite has been going strong, which is more than its chief competitor Apex Legends can say. While the latter has struggled to maintain its relevance after a torrid start to the year, Fortnite has remained consistently great, only really finding a rival in Minecraft when it comes to ubiquity. Fortnite season X looks big even by the game's lofty standards, though, and it's addition of previously lost content might be able to rein in some lapsed players who find a more refined and fun game when they return.

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