Here's What's Coming in Fortnite Season 8, Including Weezer Island

Fortnite Season 8

Today, Fortnite Season 8 has set sail, and, as previously reported, it will be themed around pirates. The swashbuckling expansion marks the latest content update to Epic Games’ massively successful battle royale shooter.

Epic began teasing Season 8 on its Twitter account a few days ago. The new batch of content continues Fortnite’s trademark regular stream of goodies, which have included, among other things, a creation mode and in-game celebrity concerts. Although it has consistently remained among the most popular games on the planet, it’s recently felt competition from the rising popularity of EA’s Apex Legends. In addition to rival games, Epic also has to contend with copyright issues over its dance emotes as well as money laundering schemes involving its V-bucks.

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An official blog post from Epic details Season 8’s offerings. The appearance of a volcano brings new locations such as Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps. For 950 V-bucks, the latest Battle Pass comes with over 100 rewards and tiers. These include new emotes and pets and, as usual, players keep the rewards after the season concludes. Additionally, the trap-centric Jungle Temple prefab comes to Fortnite Creative. Purchasing the Battle Pass also nets two progressive outfits: Blackheart, an undead pirate, and Hybrid, who’s basically a ninja lizard-man. A third, the western-style Sidewinder, is doled out to those who buy the Battle Bundle. All three outfits can be leveled up to unlock additional styles.

The introduction of the Party Assist feature allows players to team up with friends to help complete daily and weekly challenges. Fortnite’s single-player campaign Save the World gets the Hero Loadout overhaul. Players can now mix-and-match a variety of perks for each Hero to create and save custom preset teams. New Heroes can be unlocked in Save the World’s eight new quests. Finally, Season 8 content as been added to the Fortnite Asset Pack, Epic’s vault of artistic content that players can freely download and mess around with. To see all of this in action, and get an idea of the silliness in store, check out Season 8’s overview trailer.

All in all, Season 8 should give fans even more reason to stick with Epic’s shooter. The pirate theme mixes up the existing content (a practice Fortnite excels at) while looking like goofy fun to boot. Apex Legends may be biting at their heels a bit, but Fortnite shouldn’t have too much to worry about for the time being.

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