Fortnite Season 7: Epic Games is Teasing Skiing & Zip Lining

At this point, Fortnite has rightfully taken its spot as the go-to video game around the world, and that's not going to change with Fortnite season 7. As the key game in the Battle Royale genre, Epic Games has managed to rope in consumers from all demographics with the title. So, with Fortnite season 6 preparing to come to an end, it shouldn't come as a surprise to hear that Fortnite season 7 is set to kick off in the very near future – and with it will be a number of brand new features.

The developer isn't quite ready to spill the beans on what awaits players in Fortnite season 7, but they have already begun teasing two new forms of transportation that may be getting ready to debut. These new methods of traversal? It looks as if they may be skiing and zip lining, for anyone that's keen on hitting the slopes or ropes in the near future.

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Aside from the obvious theme of snow and the lurking presence of something rather sinister looking (striking an appearance oddly reminiscent of World of Warcraft's Lich King), not much is really known about Fortnite season 7 – with the exception of the aforementioned forms of travel being teased. The skiing hint was first spotted in the initial image released ahead of Fortnite season 7's launch on December 6 and is feature above.

Meanwhile, the latest one has a blue silhouette of someone that is zip lining through the skies behind a closeup of the aforementioned skier. Every day that brings gamers closer to the new season appears to only be building on speculation more, providing fans with a new image and a relatively simple hint at abilities or upgrades that will be appearing in Fortnite season 7.

On another note, it's looking like Fortnite fans should be tuning into The Game Awards on December 6, as a world premiere of some sort is set to occur for Epic Games' massive title. Since Fortnite season 7 kicks off on that same day, it could relate to that. Then again, it may also be something akin to Fortnite's partnership with the NFL, although that seems less likely given the circumstances.

Maybe a better thing to announce may be some sort of exclusive Fortnite content as part of Epic Games' plans to launch its own digital storefront. At this point it's clear that only time will tell what awaits fans in Fortnite season 7 and beyond, so stay tuned to Screen Rant for more information as it becomes available.

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