Fortnite Season 6 Theory: It's A Mirror Universe

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A new theory is circulating about Fortnite season 6 and it involves parallel universes. Epic Games’ mega popular Battle Royale game has continually reinvented itself with each of its five seasons and counting. Season 3 had a space faring theme and really refined the game’s purchasable Battle Pass which allows players to complete challenges to unlock new cosmetics. Season 4 had a meteor hit the map location of Dusty Depot turning into Dusty Divot with a massive crater.

Fortnite's season 5, was the most ambitious yet. It was launched (literally) by a missile cracking the sky that introduced teleporting rifts across the map, a new desert biodome and bevvy of weird new locations. If the latest fan theories are correct though season 5 is just a primer for absolutely bananas and dark season 6.

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Most of the Fornite fan theories, which mainly originate on Reddit, are centered around the game’s mysterious purple cube which fans have christened “Kevin.” Kevin the Cube suddenly appeared on the map and has slowly been making his (or its) way around to several locations. Kevin has given a lot of food for fan thought but one of the most compelling theories involves the cube and its appearance in a loading screen. Spotted by Redditor Omar-Whatever, one of Fortnite’s loading screens sees the skin Brite Bomber look into the cube only to have reflection stare back at her in a very twisted new form a la an evil twin.

This image has led many fans to conclude that season 6 will change the entire Fortnite map. The mirror image of Brite Bomber has led some to assume that there is also an evil mirror image of the entire Fortnite world. Kevin’s arrival merely heralds the takeover of the mirror universe. The cube will reach its final destination at the end of season 5 and either transform Fortnite’s map into a mirror world or transport the entire map into that dark universe.

There are several variations and aspects to the mirror dimensions theory. Some believe that the location of Loot Lake, which is almost in the center of Fortnite’s map, will transform from a lake to lava. The logic being that lava is the opposite of water and the central island of Loot Lake is already shaped like a volcano.

Season 5 has already added creepy alternate locations to the map. Tomato Town was replaced with Tomato Temple, moving the location from a restaurant parking lot to a haunted looking Azetc-esque temple. Tomato Temple could conceivably remain if Fortnite does transform into a mirror universe in season 6.  Fortnite has typically only changed their map one location at the time but a new season would provide the perfect opportunity to change the entire map, even if it’s only temporary.

When Will Fortnite Season 5 End?

This is all speculation. Yet it won’t be too long until the truth is revealed. Epic Games has yet to announce the official start date for season 6 or end date for season 5. However, looking at Fortnite’s schedule in-game it appears that season 5 will likely end on September 24. Since Fortnite seasons typically begin the day following the end of a previous season, it’s likely that season 6 will begin on September 25.

This would take Fortnite off its usual release schedule. The game has been updating on Thursdays of every week for quite some. Although Epic Games has changed Fornite’s release schedule several times throughout its lifespan. After all previously updates were always scheduled for Tuesday and September 25 is a Tuesday. So while Fornite season 6 could change the map completely, it might also reinstate the old release schedule.

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