Fortnite Season 5 Begins Now With A 4-Person Vehicle And... Kratos?

It's all change for Season 5 of Epic Games' Fortnite as the battle royale brawler introduces its first four-person vehicle and a God of War-inspired skin. The changing of the seasons for Fortnite is something of a big deal, and while Season 4 ushered in meteor showers, shopping carts, and villain lairs, Season 5 promises to be even weirder.

With the rocket launch tearing a hole in time and space, the mysteries of Season 4 have made way for an equally colorful fifth season. As theorized by many, time travel of sorts has come into play in Fortnite. Colossal Viking ships and ancient statues now litter the battlefield alongside some equally zany skins. Elsewhere, players can hop in one of those temporal cracks and parachute down in a completely different location.

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According to the official Epic Games website, there is plenty more to bring battle royale players back for more. Moisty Mire is in the midst of a drought and morphed itself into a desert outpost. If rolling around in shopping carts didn't quite quench fan's thirst for vehicular battle, the nippy All Terrain Kart (ATK) now allows gamers to band together in golf carts and zip around the map while taking out the opposition.

The impressive new array of skins also looks to be cashing in on the continuing success of God of War. Hoping that Epic Games won't be sued by Sony Santa Monica Studio, one of the new skins looks spookily like Kratos, aka the Ghost of Sparta. Added to this, a whole armory of new weapons also includes something akin to the character's Leviathan Axe from this year's God of War.

Fortnite Season 5 poster

Of course, a new season means a new Battle Pass for Fornite. For 950 V-Bucks, gamers can take on 10 weeks of challenges and unlock exclusive content. Season 5's Battle Pass includes basketballs and golf balls so premium players can try out the game's brand new golf course or shoot some hoops with friends. Battle Pass comes with the Drift and Huntress skins, unlocking more when leveling up. Anyone who reaches Tier 100 can get their hands on the Kratos-looking Ragnarok skin, which comes complete with skull helmet and glowing eyes.

Fornite is certainly living up to its Season 5 mantra of "Worlds Collide." The title has always been known for its clever twist on being just another battle royale bloodbath that whittles players down to a final winner. The game continues to rake in some serious money every month, Season 5 shows that Epic Games is putting the "epic" in its name. Fortnite continues to get bigger in its storytelling and number of players every season, but the big question is, how will Season 6 top this one?

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Source: Epic Games

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