Apple Leak Reveals Fortnite Season 11 May Kick Off Chapter 2

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Fortnite Season 11 update may have more than expected in store for fans, as a new leak points to it also being the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 2. Major changes were already expected for the battle royale’s next season, which was recently delayed by a week, but the new name may point to even bigger things to come.

A change may be just what Fortnite needs after Season 10. The time-travel themed season had plenty of new content and map updates to offer, but it didn’t all sit right with players. The most controversial part of Season 10 was the introduction of the B.R.U.T.E. mech. Aimed at making less skilled players more capable of securing a win once in a while, the mech was widely seen as overpowered and more irritating than fun to compete against. Players soon made destroying the mech before anyone could use it first priority, and eventually Epic Games stepped in to nerf the B.R.U.T.E. to make it less powerful and less common to see in the first place. Some of Season 10’s new content, such as crossovers with Batman and Borderlands, were received better by the community, and questionable balancing decisions don’t seem to have hurt the game overall.

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Season 11 is expected to start within the next few days, and it may bring some of the biggest changes in the game’s history. Rumors of a new map were already circulating widely before a leak on the Italian App Store all but confirmed it. A now-removed listing shared by Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks on Twitter shows Fortnite characters looking out over a brand-new map, along with a logo for Fortnite Chapter 2. The leaked image shows off not only a whole new map, but also a pair of boats navigating the river running down its center. This could be a sign that aquatic vehicles are coming to Fortnite in its next season.

Aside from the rumors, there are some confirmed changes coming in Fortnite Season 11 that should really shake things up. Epic Games recently started rolling out skill-based matchmaking, ensuring that players would end up in games with players of similar skill levels. That feature will be fully implemented in Season 11, along with bots at low skill levels to give new players a better chance to practice the game without being immediately annihilated by verteran players.

Epic Games seems to be committed to continuing the policy of continuous evolution for Fortnite. Its confirmed and rumored changes for Season 11 could alter the feel of the game of every skill level and give all players a whole new battleground to explore. Despite rising competition from new battle royale games and the resurgence of old ones like Minecraft, Fortnite seems more than capable of holding its own for a long time to come.

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Source: Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks/Twitter

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