Fortnite's Playground Mode Launches (For Real This Time)

After Fortnite's Playground Mode was taken offline due to tech issues, Epic Games brings the training servers back to the battle royale game.

It is business as usual as Fornite reintroduces its Playground Mode, and this time, it looks like it's here to stay for a little longer. Playground launched as part of June 27's 4.5 patch update but lasted only a few hours before being pulled over server problems. Epic Games has been trying to send its gamers back to the Playground since and the "matchmaking issues" are finally over as it returns to the battle royale brawler.

Playground is a Limited Time Mode, but unlike the game's previous LTMs, it is described as a "low-pressure environment" where gamers can get to grips with the tips and techniques to become the last man standing. A baby pool for newbie players or those who want to brush up on their skills, the Playground Mode acts as a private server without the constant fear of another 99 players blowing your head off within the first 30 seconds.

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The Playground Mode release may have been an embarrassment for Epic Games, but according to the official Fortnite Twitter, the LTM is back and sticking around for now. Up to four players can indulge in friendly fire with the promise of an instant respawn. Matches last for up to an hour and the only time death is permanent is when the storm approaches at the 55-minute mark. For anyone new to Fortnite, it is a clever way to test the waters before heading out into the sometimes daunting battleground of the main servers.

Fortnite Playground Mode

Elsewhere, there is another new addition to Fornite as a strange crack has appeared in the sky. According to Reddit user Discount_Pringles, the rift is growing by the hour. Fans will remember when a comet appeared in the sky towards the end of season 3 and teased the cataclysmic events of season 4, so it looks like something similar is on the horizon. Gigantic chunks of debris falling from the sky may be one thing, but a tear in the space-time continuum should have everyone more concerned. Considering Fortnite has already included a dancing Thanos, the Infinity War theme could continue with the use of some Time Stone-inspired time travel.

Whatever Epic Games is planning for season 5 and beyond, Fornite continues to push itself to the top of the battle royale charts and raked in an eye-watering $318 million in May. Although Fornite's growth is slowing down slightly, there's no denying that developers are constantly coming up with ways to bring in new players and keep existing fans sticking around for another round. The benefits of the Playground have already sparked debate over whether the mode should stay for good, but Epic Games is still yet to make a decision on just how long the limited time of the Playground will be. For the time being, gamers are encouraged to try out Fortnite's Playground Mode while they still can.

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Source: Fortnite/TwitterDiscount_Pringles/Reddit

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