Fortnite Players Are Being Instantly Killed By A Bug

Fortnite Bug

Fortnite has had yet another one-hit KO spot pop up in Fatal Fields. A few days ago, players started reporting that they were dying at the Fork Knife while making their way around the map. Since then, there's been at least one other spot uncovered, though the Fortnite Fatal Fields bug has now seen a response from Epic Games.

It's not uncommon for there to be bugs and glitches to iron out when new maps and weapons get released on Fortnite. As such, it likely wasn't a surprise when the Fatal Fields bug was discovered by eager players testing out the recently released map.

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Epic Games took to Reddit in a post which stated that they noticed the Fortnite Fatal Fields bug that was instantly killing people:

"Beware the Fork Knife! We’re aware of an issue with players being eliminated when walking around the Fork Knife near Fatal Fields.

We’ll be releasing a fix for this issue shortly."

From the sounds of it, the bug is just eliminating players who pass by the area known as Fork Knife. It looks like the team at Epic Games are dedicated to pushing out a fix for this as soon as possible, but at the time of writing, this hasn't yet been implemented.

There have been reports in the same thread of other bugs as well on the Fatal Fields map, especially one near a place called The Block. This bug functions a little differently, however, and kills people who are crouched in the area. It doesn't look like Epic Games has picked up on this yet but it should only be a matter of time considering their prompt response to the Fortnite Fatal Fields bug.

The game's latest season has been packed to the gills with challenges, changes to the map, new skins in the battle pass, and more. There was also the addition of party assist features which allowed you to work through your recurring challenges as a team (and to hopefully complete them faster).

While we're all probably still wondering what's up with the dragon eggs and the winter wonderland that's been dotted around the map for visual spectacle, Epic Game ironing out the Fortnite Fatal Fields bug now means that we can kill a bit more time in the overworld as we wait for the rest of the season's presents to unfold.

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Source: Epic Games / Reddit

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