Yes, Fortnite is Definitely Coming to Nintendo Switch

Fortnite Battle Royale artwork

Yesterday a leak revealed that Fortnite was likely coming to Nintendo Switch, and now even more information has come to light that supports the news. South Korea's Game Content Rating Classification Committee just rated a Nintendo Switch version of Epic Game's battle royale shooter, which means that a port is in fact in the works. According to yesterday's leak, it will be unveiled as part of Nintendo's E3 2018 Nintendo Direct, and will be playable on the floor of the trade show.

The battle royale shooter has become incredibly popular over the past year thanks to it hitting consoles before other popular titles in the genre. In fact, it's become so popular that it managed to surpass its main competitor PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (who they're currently in a legal situation with), in terms of popularity and money earned. It's currently the most-played multiplayer game, and has already become so ingrained within pop culture that A$AP Rocky referenced the game in his new album, Testing. It's currently available on all other major gaming platforms and mobile, so bringing it to Nintendo Switch would be the final piece of the puzzle in terms of getting the free-to-play shooter everywhere.

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There's not much other information to be gleaned from the rating (translated via Newsweek) besides the fact that the rumor is real. However, it does have some important ramifications as it also adds veracity to the other game titles that were listed in yesterday's leak. That means that the ports of Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball FighterZ, arcade hit Killer Queen, Ubisoft Toronto's action-adventure game Starlink: Battle for AtlasFIFA 19, free-to-play shooter Paladins, and the unannounced party cooking game Overcooked! 2 are all likely real as well.

Fortnite Battle Royale

These are all exciting announcements for Nintendo Switch gamers. Those that only own a Switch have been unable to play Fortnite, but can't escape hearing about the game due to how popular it is. Now, they'll finally be able to go hands-on with the free-to-play title and see what all the fuss is about for themselves.

Obviously this leak isn't how Nintendo and Epic Games wanted the announcement to be revealed, but it probably wasn't one of the biggest surprises planned for the Nintendo Direct anyhow. Nintendo's own first-party titles are always the star of their E3 showings, and this year won't be any different. Expect to see plenty of updates on the company's iconic franchises in less than two weeks.

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Source: South Korea's Game Content Rating Classification Committee (via Newsweek)

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