Fortnite is Adding Mounted Weapon Turrets

Fortnite Hits 8-3 million concurrent players

Fortnite players can expect to get some mounted turrets to play with sometime soon. While the popular battle royale is still dominating the genre, they have to keep things interesting in order to remain one step ahead of their growing list of competition. Developer Epic Games has maintained their game’s status largely through a constant stream of new skins, outlandish weapons, and the occasional breach across realities. The latest addition to the game, planned to be released later this week, is a usable turret.

Fortnite’s success shows no signs of stopping, with the game reaching 8.3 million concurrent players earlier this month. The game has become so popular that it’s been seeping into everyday life including a lot of fun merch like a NERF gun from Hasbro and a line of Pop figures. But the PVP has disrupted life as well, affecting hockey players’ performances enough to get banned by the NHL and causing such strife between couples it leads to divorce. Despite all this, players remain obsessed and excited for the next update to the game.

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According to Eurogamer the next addition to Fortnite will be mounted turrets. It looks like the turrets can be carried around by players and thrown to the ground to use. But they aren’t automatic, gamers will have to climb into the seat to begin firing. The guns will begin to overheat so no one can use one indefinitely.

Fortnite Weapons

Players already have questions. There are concerns the item could be overpowered, a problem Fortnite has had in the past. But the overheating mechanic should indicate Epic Games has already addressed that possibility. Others wonder if the mounted turret might be more a hindrance than an asset since the player would stationary during use, making them an easy target for snipers. Some question if the mounted turret is redundant since the game already has a minigun which players can fire while on the move.

Players won’t have to wait long to learn how they feel about the mounted turret. The weapon will appear in-game by the end of the week. Like every other new weapon, gamers will have to test this one out for themselves to see if it’s compatible with their playstyle. It’s impossible to not want to try out whatever new device Epic has created so fans will likely see these mounted turrets popping up all over as their friends and their enemies decide for themselves if this is another fun addition to Fortnite.

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Source: Eurogamer

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