Fortnite's Mythic Goldfish Has Players Obsessed With Fishing

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One Fortnite player got vivid confirmation of the rumored Mythic Goldfish item when they were eliminated by it in one hit, and now other players are obsessed with reeling one in for themselves. The Mythic Goldfish was found in the game’s files after the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2, but it’s so rare that some players speculated that it wasn’t actually available in the game yet until the undeniable evidence was posted online.

As if it wasn’t already capturing enough attention, Fortnite recently became an even hotter topic with the start of its 11th season, which also kicked off Chapter 2. After Fortnite’s finale event for Season 10, the game’s entire map was sucked into a black hole, leaving players staring at a blank screen while Epic Games worked behind the scenes to bring Chapter 2 online. When the game came back, it replaced its familiar map with a new one full of surprises, the Mythic Goldfish among them. As a leak on the App Store revealed earlier, Fortnite’s new map has a general aquatic theme, featuring waterways that players can traverse with newly added boats, making the Mythic Goldfish a fitting addition.

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In a video recently posted on Reddit, the Mythic Goldfish makes an auspicious entrance, taking out user BlakeBenbow in one shot. The player even receives an achievement called “Sleep with the Fishes” for getting taken out by the exceedingly rare item. Players have already begun speculating about whether the Mythic Goldfish is too powerful, though other videos that have surfaced show that it doesn’t necessarily grant a one-hit kill in every case. Fortnite has had its share of controversial “overpowered” items, from the B.R.U.T.E. mech to the Infinity Blade, but the Mythic Goldfish’s rarity will likely keep it from earning the same level of ire.

Fortnite Chapter 2 New Map Boats Grind

It turns out the key to finding the Mythic Goldfish is, sensibly enough, fishing. To go along with its new aquatic focus, Fortnite Chapter 2 also introduced a fishing mechanic. Fishing usually nets players a healing item at best, if not a piece of garbage, but in very rare cases, it can evidently produce the sought-after goldfish. It seems like a good bet that other rare items may turn up in the water at some point down the line.

Epic Games’ willingness to shake up the Fortnite formula and introduce new features is key to the game’s success. While big changes like the new map are the biggest draws, small oddities like the Mythic Goldfish keep existing players interested just in case something strange pops up. Hopefully, Epic Games has learned how to keep its quirky additions from completely upending the game’s balance in Chapter 2.

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Source: BlakeBenbow/Reddit

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