Fortnite Mobile Has Been Downloaded 100 Million Times

New market data shows that the Fortnite mobile app has recently surpassed 100 million downloads. While the app is currently only available to iOS users, the games still reached the download benchmark in just 138 days.

Fortnite is among the most popular battle royale-style games, pitting 100 players against each other on a map where the last person standing in the shootout wins. The game has been available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Mac devices for about a year, but the free-to-play mobile app – offering the same style of gameplay – has been available for less than five months. The overall battle royale subgenre of games is estimated to earn $20 billion next year, with the market currently being dominated by Fortnite and chief rival PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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According to a new report from that assesses data from Apptopia, a market intelligence firm, the perception of Fortnite’s dominance and current omnipresence is supported by the actual download and revenue numbers. Since its launch on mobile, Fortnite has not only reached 100 million downloads but it has also brought in $160 million in in-app purchase revenue. While it trailed rival PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by a considerable margin in terms of downloads in the first week, 3.4 million to 23.3 million, the latter isn’t expected to hit the same 100 million download mark for another 206 days.

Fortnite Epic Games

Fortnite’s success on mobile is extremely impressive, but it’s important to keep perspective in mind. To that end, despite reaching the 100 million download milestone in a mere 138 days, that’s still nearly twice as long as the 68 days that it took Super Mario Run to hit the same mark. Similarly, Pokémon GO cleared the mark in just 71 days. Super Mario Run is reported to be among Nintendo’s least profitable mobile efforts, but it seemed to benefit from nostalgia, better timing, and a greater advertising push. While Fortnite has been able to sustain a more consistent level of high downloads than Super Mario Run saw, that too is slowing as the game only grew by 7% month-over-month in May compared to 33% in April and 73% in March.

The mobile game is tracking toward $500 million in revenue by April 2019, but the competition is rising. The soon-to-launch Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 claims to be a better experience than Fortnite, and new entrants will undoubtedly spring up to try and cash in on the growing revenue pool. The question may soon become how these games can better differentiate themselves, without public stunts, but it’ll nonetheless be interesting to see which is the last man standing in the potential gaming war to come.

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