Fortnite Players Are Losing Their Minds Over In-Game Marshmello Concert

Fortnite just hosted a Marshmello concert and gamers have been losing their minds over the in-game event. As the biggest game on the planet right now there's plenty of publicity to be had, with publisher Epic Games managing to generate $3 billion in revenue for 2018 alone. It's clear that the frontrunner of the Battle Royale genre is here to stay, but Epic Games is actively looking for ways to change up the experience in order to provide something new to players.

Events and challenges have proven a spectacular means of encouraging fans to keep engaged with the free-to-play component of Fortnite. Another major event included Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph appearing on the movie theater screen within the game - but this was more of an Easter egg appearance to coincide with that film's sequel than a full-blown event. As it turns out, however, Epic Games is far from opposed to putting on full-scale promotional events.

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As touched upon, Marshmello just hosted a concert within Fortnite. This marks the first time that this has ever happened within the game, and it could very well be a promising sign of what's to come for gamers and music connoisseurs alike. Following the concert, a number of gamers and fans of Marshmello took to Twitter to express how simultaneously exciting and groundbreaking the event was – including the artist himself.

The viewership may have equated to well over over a million across Twitch and YouTube, but players were also able to see it in-game – which could account for even more. Suffice it to say, Marshmello has achieved something never before accomplished in this industry in terms of raw engagement. That's not to say that other games haven't attempted in-game concerts in the past - Minecraft previously hosted an event known as Coalchella.

Thanks to the success of Marshmello's Fortnite concert, it's possible that even more crossover performances will take place in the future. Since the game has crossed over with various athletes now performing dances from Fortnite, perhaps streaming a sporting event could be next. Given that the NFL and Fortnite have a partnership already, streaming the Super Bowl could have been an amazing opportunity for anyone eager to watch the game.

That sort of crossover won't be happening as of this writing, but now that events like this have proven viable nothing is off the table. Here's hoping that fans get to see what else Epic Games has planned for Fortnite in the near future.

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