Fortnite Leak Reveals Quad Launcher Weapon Coming Next Week

One Fortnite fan's datamine reveals a new Quad Launcher weapon to be added next week, as well as additional items to keep players on their toes.

Fortnite players could be getting a new weapon sometime next week. According to a leak following a recent datamine, Fortnite will be gaining a Quad Launcher, as well as some other fun additions designed to keep things interesting in the popular battle royale title.

Part of what's made Fortnite so successful in the crowded field of battle royale games is developer Epic Games’ ability to add new elements into the mix, enticing players to keep returning. Season 5 was no different, beginning with temporal rifts and escalating from there. Along with the bizarre rifts and the appearance of a mysterious purple cube, players have been given tons of new skins and weapons. The past few months have also seen the addition of the Galaxy skin, an Ace starter pack, and a compact SMG that packed more of a punch than developers intended.

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Not willing to wait to see what Epic has in store next, some fans have taken to datamining to learn what the developer is working on.  As reported by the sources Fortnite Insider and Two Epic Buddies, three new items will soon be added to the game, including the Quad Launcher. The in-game description states that this weapon launches explosive rockets that burst into a ring of fire. Any player caught within the temporary ring is stunned and receives damage. The Quad Launcher will be familiar to some players, as it initially appeared as a Legendary weapon in Fortnite’s PVE Save the World.

The other two additions, the Spike Arena Grenade and the Balloon are brand new. The Spike Arena Grenade comes with the description “Throw this to create your very own Bounce and Spike Trap Arena.” The Balloon, on the other hand, is a new mode of travel for players. The Balloon “rapid fire inflates,” allowing players to escape battles or break their falls. The Balloon does not look like it would provide the fastest of getaways but fits right in with Fortnite’s quirky and unexpected nature.

This leak, like any other, should be treated with a grain of salt until Epic Games makes it official. But since the sources involved have unveiled correct information before, there's a good chance fans may have just received a sneak peek at Fortnite’s latest additions. The Quad Launcher and the Spike Arena Grenade look like they would be exciting new ways for players to cause some chaos, as well as requiring them to adjust their strategies. Until its release, there’s no way of knowing how the Balloon will stack up to previous modes of transportation. But at the very least, it should prove entertaining to see players floating about, Mary Poppins-style.

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Sources: Two Epic Buddies/Twitter, Fortnite Insider

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