Fortnite Reveals Giant Robot Being Built to Fight Monster

Fortnite Robot Foot Monster Fight Season 9

Leaked images have shown a giant robot is being built in the Pressure Plant to fight the monster seen in Fortnite's Season 9 environmental changes. The Pressure Plant was one of many changes that came to the game in Season 9 at the beginning of May. The first glimpse players got of the monster was the eye underneath Polar Peak after it was damaged from the volcanic explosion at the end of the previous season. The monster has since escaped its icy prison and can now be seen swimming along the coastline with a castle on its back.

Each season in Fortnite brings different skins, weapons, and characters, and also changes the entire theme of the battleground island. The end of one season usually ends with a huge event that precedes the changes that will come in the next. For Season 8, there was a crossover event with Avengers: Endgame, and it ended with the eruption of the giant volcano at the center of the map. This eruption turned out to the be introduction of Season 9's new futuristic theme.

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The futuristic setting makes a little more sense now as, according to Forbes, a giant robot is being built in the Pressure Plant. Dataminers were able to find a picture of a giant robot's foot, and players are already speculating about what's coming next. Seasons in Fortnite usually end with a bang, and a monster-robot fight might be planned for the finale of Season 9. Some have even compared the sizes of the robot's foot to the footprint that is assumed to belong to the monster and found them to be very comparable.

Fortnite Season 9 character poster.

Every season brings vast and constant changes to the entire game of Fortnite, which has gotten Epic Games into some hot water over what they demand from their employees. Still, the changes are one of the biggest draws to the game as players are eager to hunt for clues while they hunt each other. There have even been unspoken truces between players who want to watch certain events unfold. There have been no ceasefires yet in Season 9, but players will be constantly on the lookout for new pieces and parts of the robot.

No ones knows if the robot will be built from the foot up or if parts will be spread across the island for players to find. Regardless, almost everyone agrees: a fight is coming, and there are a couple of ways it could play out. The robot could fight the monster in a cinematic event, which has happened before. Alternatively, the battle between the robot and the monster could become part of the map and force players to fight each other in the middle of and around a behemoth showdown. Players might be even be given challenges and earn rewards for helping either the monster or the robot. However it happens, the aftermath of the fight will lay the groundwork for Season 10 of Fortnite, and it will all start over again.

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Source: Forbes

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