Fortnite's Kaiju Versus Mech Battle Finally Happened

Fortnite Mech Kaiju Battle Season 9

The mech being built on the battle island and the kaiju in the water surrounding it finally faced off in a fight that concluded Season 9 of Fortnite. Almost every season in Fortnite includes an event at the end that changes the island forever. Season 6 ended with an iceberg crashing into the island and setting off the polar theme of season 7. Season 8 ended with a volcanic eruption and the destruction of the iconic Tiltled Towers.  The eruption also unleashed a monster that could spotted in the distance throughout Season 9.

The first hint of what could be coming at the end of Season 9 was a  huge monster eye that was spotted beneath Polar Peak. This set off speculation immediately, with different theories about what was moving underneath player's feet. The monster eventually escaped the island with Polar Peak on its back and could be spotted swimming around the island. The next clue was the foot of a giant robot found in the Pressure Plant. The robot would eventually be fully built and remain stationary at the Plant where the foot was found. At this point, most players realized what was a happening: a fight was coming.

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As reported by Twinfinite, Season 9 of Fortnite was officially concluded with a battle between the kaiju that has haunted the island all season and the mech built to respond to it. It was revealed in leaked files that Epic Games had named the mech Doggus and the kaiju Cattus, and the names stuck with fans. The battle begins as Cattus reaches the island and Doggus is activated over in the Pressure Plant. The two giants eventually fight up-close and Doggus ends up losing an arm, ending the fight with an epic sword battle that impales the kaiju's head. After the fight, Doggus flies off into space and Cattus's skeleton is left on the island.

Fortnite Robot Foot Monster Fight Season 9

As with every other season finale of Fortnite, certain locations were destroyed or changed forever during the fight. Loot Lake and Tomato Temple look to be completely gone as Cattus crashed through them on its way to Doggus. Polar Peak was blown up and off of Cattus' back by the missiles launched by Doggus. Towards the end of the fight, Doggus grabbed the power supply of Neo Tilted Towers, which was revealed to be hiding a sword as it was pulled from the ground. A lot was taken away from the island but there are always replacements and additions, as it seems like the skeleton of Cattus will remain on the map for Season 10.

The end-of-season events are always a sight to behold, but they also keep the game fresh. The battle royale mode of Fortnite has only ever had one map, but that map is always morphing and that seems to be more than enough to keep players coming back. A big part of what keeps the community together is trying to figure out what's going to happen next. Fortnite is so effective at this that even a titan like Call of Duty is taking notes and leaving hints about what is coming in their own game. As for Fortnite, the promised battle has come and gone, and all that's left is to survey the damage and try to deduce what Season 10 is going to bring.

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Source: Twinfinite

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