How to Unlock the Galaxy Skin in Fortnite

Here's a guide on how to get Fortnite's Galaxy skin, which is being released exclusively for Samsung Note 9 and the Galaxy Tab 4 owners.

Epic Games have released a new Galaxy skin for players to unlock in Fortnite. One of the most beloved aspects of Fortnite is the degree of customization available to players in relation to their character. New skins come out all of the time, which can be purchased with the games's in-game currency, V-Bucks. Exclusive skins are also available to Battle Pass owners.

For the first time since the Thanos crossover event that was released in the wake of Avengers: Infinity WarFortnite has turned to space for inspiration. The Galaxy skin, which comes out today, is definitely one of the most interesting skins to have been released to date. Sporting a purple base with a cosmic design superimposed onto it, wearers of this skin can win their Battle Royale matches in style.

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According to a guide posted by US Gamer, Fortnite's Galaxy skin will be exclusive to two devices: the Samsung Note 9 and the Galaxy Tab 4. The former is being released today, and the latter drops tomorrow. All the player needs to do in order to earn their brand new Galaxy skin is to log in on either one of these devices. Once the player has done this, the new skin will immediately be made available to wear in-game.

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Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that the skin will be made available to iOS or non-Samsung Android users, considering its eponymous homage to the Samsung Galaxy. It's actually unclear if it will even be made available to owners of Samsung models other than the two mentioned above. One would hope that, somewhere down the line, it will be released to a wider audience, but it is possible that it is being released purely as a limited edition skin alongside Samsung's product launch.

This new skin comes in the wake of Fortnite's massively successful port to mobile gaming. As of July 31st, Fortnite surpassed over 100 million mobile downloads in just 138 days. The popularity of battle royale games in the vein of Fortnite has now skyrocketed to the extent that it is predicted $20 billion will be made from this genre alone next year. One can see the appeal of devoting time to a game like Fortnite when the developers are so committed to regularly offering new content. Also, a huge asset to the game is that microtransactions only lead to an aesthetic edge, as opposed to a competitive one.

The Samsung Note 9 and Galaxy Tab 4 release today and tomorrow, respectively. It is unknown at present as to how long the Galaxy skin will be available on these devices for, or whether or not it will see an eventual release date on other models or platforms. However, the lucky few that plan on purchasing next generation Samsung model will be rewarded with one of the most aesthetically-pleasing skins to have released to date.

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Source: US Gamer

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