Fortnite Teams Up With NFL As NHL Team Bans Game

fortnite x nfl

Fortnite has made another blockbuster announcement, revealing a partnership with the National Football League earlier today on Twitter called Fornite X NFL. The news comes just over a month after a story broke that a team in the National Hockey League was banning Fortnite from road trips in an effort to increase team unity.

Fortnite is a sensation that has far exceeded expectations after choosing to focus more heavily on its battle royale mode post-launch. The result has been the kind of phenomenon that most video games can only dream of, with a number of high profile partnerships furthering the stranglehold Fortnite has on online multiplayer gaming at present. After a successful campaign that saw Thanos join Fortnite, developer Epic Games has taken some time to focus on the in-game narrative of the title before announcing its newest partnership.

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Fortnite X NFL will add all 32 jerseys from the NFL as Outfits in the Fortnite Item Shop, and each Outfit can be swapped to any of the 32 different NFL teams as well as an additional team made uniquely for the Fortnite universe, according to an official release from Epic Games. Players will also have the ability to choose any number from 0-99 for their jersey to complete their own custom NFL appearance. The mind boggles at which number in that range is going to be most popular.

It's a big win for the NFL, which has often been criticized as the "No Fun League" for its harsh stance on player celebrations on-field and fines off-field, both of which have stifled player personalities in the past. It's also a pretty sizeable loss for the NHL, with the Vancouver Canucks starting a potential Fortnite partnership of its own off on the wrong foot after banning the game during team travel. It's pretty clear that one league has a better grasp of the impact a game like Fortnite can have on new fans, but the Canucks don't speak for the entire NHL with their move and we could see other major sports leagues interested in their own partnerships soon, especially if Fortnite X NFL provides some real benefit for the NFL.

Fortnite X NFL will be available on November 9th starting at 7pm EST. The official reveal did not indicate what the cost of the items would be, but Fortnite's microtransactions are among some of the better-received in gaming, so it would be surprising if anyone was priced out by the cost once it is revealed.

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