Fortnite Players Can Unlock Exclusive Galaxy Skin With Easy Workaround

Fortnite Galaxy Skin

Although Fortnite is free-to-play, getting all the content for the game can be a pretty expensive venture. This became particularly true with the exclusive Galaxy skin for the game, which is supposed to only be available for those who use certain Samsung Galaxy devices. However, intrepid Fortnite players after the skin have found themselves a workaround.

The Fortnite Galaxy skin was announced earlier in August, and was meant to only be available to a select few. Indeed, the skin was only supposed to be accessible by those who own a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone or a Galaxy Tab S4 tablet. Given that these devices cost $1,000 and $650 apiece, understandably some Fortnite perfectionists were feeling a little left out.

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That said, some players have been exploiting a loophole in exactly how the Galaxy skin is unlocked. The skin is available to Fortnite fans after they have played three rounds of the game on one of the select devices. So, some gamers have been going along to electronics stores, stealthily downloading Fortnite onto the demo models after getting around a block on downloading external apps, and getting through three rounds as quickly as possible before store clerks suspect anything.

Fortnite Galaxy Skin Dab

There are a couple of difficulties with this strategy, though. For starters, gamers will have to use a bit of deception to pretend they're interested in an upgrade to try and take the heat off. This has understandably led to plenty of people being kicked out of stores such as Best Buy, and warning signs being placed, making it more difficult for Fortnite players to try and break that single round kill record with a fancy exclusive skin.

Another problem is that the Galaxy skin unlock is tied to specific hardware. This means that, once a Galaxy Note 9 or a Galaxy Tab S4 has been used for the skin unlock, that device will not be able to be used again. So, even if a player does find the time to use the device in-store, there's no guarantee that it hasn't already been used. Nonetheless, gamers are persisting, going to less popular stores to try their luck.

This workaround is ingenious, but it's no doubt something of a headache both for stores such as Best Buy and for Samsung. After all, this exclusivity deal will have cost the company a pretty penny, and seeing the rules being circumvented is far from ideal. Even so, it's impressive that Fortnite fans have managed to find this trick to get the skin.

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