Yes, Of Course Fortnite is Getting Funko Pops

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Funko Pop! is creating a line inspired by Fortnite. The company, which has existed for 20 years, exploded in popularity back in 2005 following their success in securing licensing deals for numerous major franchises. Funko now creates vinyl figures for all manner of pop culture fans from the classic I Love Lucy to more modern hits like Harry Potter.

It’s no surprise that Funko would set about getting the rights to Fortnite. The popular battle royale continues to stand out from the competition in part due to being free-to-play. Developer Epic Games has kept players interested and returning again and again by reinventing itself with each season as well as consistently adding new content that often falls into the realm of unexpected and bizarre. Although Fortnite's growth is slowing, it remains one of the most successful games within the genre. It's popularity, along with the long list of recognizable character skins for players to choose from, makes Fortnite a perfect fit for its own line of Funko figures.

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Funko announced on its blog that the collection comes with 14 different figures for fans to pick from. Or try to collect if they’re ambitious. Pop! Games: Fortnite includes character skins for Brite Bomber, Omega (in full armor), Tower Recon Specialist, Black Knight, Raptor, Cuddle Team Leader, Red-Nose Raider, Moonwalker, Highrise Assault Trooper, Codename E.L.F., Crackshot, Skull Trooper, Merry Marauder, and Love Ranger.

For fans wanting to show off their love of Fortnite everywhere they go, the collection comes with two keychains, one of Cuddle Team Leader, the other Love Ranger. But what isn’t included in the blog post are the two Tricera Ops figures shown off just last month. No release date has been given but the blog post does say November, so it is likely the Pops! will appear on shelves in time for the holiday season. Gamers caught up in the Christmas spirit might have a hard time passing up on Funko’s Christmassy Fortnite figures.

With so many character skins for Funko to use, it isn’t hard to imagine the company already considering a second wave of Fortnite-themed Pops!. So don’t fret just yet if a favorite skin didn’t appear in the announcement. Nor would it be out of the realm of possibility to think that Funko will soon expand their Fortnite line to include Mystery Minis, t-shirts, and pens, assuming the collection does well. And considering the popularity of both Fortnite and Funko, it’s practically a given. It’s too early to tell just what Funko’s plans are, but Fortnite fans can get excited for the figures hitting shelves later this fall.

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