Giant Monster Eye Appears in Fortnite

Fortnite Giant Eye Polar Peak

The latest in Fortnite's constantly shifting narrative is the discovery of a gigantic monster eye underneath Polar Peak, which was recently struck by a lump of volcanic rock during the end of the game's season eight content updates. Fortnite's season nine theme has been a little less consistent in its imagery than its predecessors, although the futuristic setting definitely lends itself well to ideas of cryogenics, which Polar Peak might now be inadvertently hosting.

Fortnite recently came under fire for its development practices, when insiders reported that Epic Games was actively encouraging crunch for its employees. Crunch refers to the video game development practice that sees developers work weeks balloon from the usual 40 hours to somewhere between 70-100, an unhealthy element of the industry that has nevertheless become pervasive over the years. With more people talking about it, companies are now beginning to look into reducing the amount they rely on crunch, with some, like Blizzard's World of Warcraft team, actively attempting to remove it entirely from their planning.

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Part of the reason Fortnite's staff is consistently over-worked is likely the frequency with which the game updates its content. The addition of the monster eye to Polar Peak came out of nowhere and has already begun spawning several fan theories. One of the most popular ones hearkens back to a rumored leak from last year that suggested a Leviathan-themed LTM. That event was supposed to see players work together to fight against a monster boss, but never came to be, and has since become one of the more amusing persistent memes on the Fortnite subreddit.

Fortnite Season 9

There's a better theory, though, first covered by Eurogamer. It certainly stretches what Fortnite's narrative is capable of, but the most bizarre theory gaining traction is the one that Kevin the Cube is literally behind the eyeball, as players ahve discovered a white cube hidden inside the monster's retina. The theory doesn't really have a great explanation as to why Kevin, who most recently exploded in the game's narrative, would be there in the first place, let alone what Kevin is up to, but it's the kind of goofy element that makes Fortnite speculation fun.

There are a few other theories gaining traction regarding Godzilla, but that seems even more unlikely than Kevin since that upcoming film has already partnered with PUBG. The one thing that Fortnite's giant monster eyeball proves is that Epic Games is second-to-none in generating discussion and buzz around its game with the simplest of additions. With Fortnite ceding ground as the most popular game in the world and new contenders cropping up with a higher frequency than before, remaining the center of attention should continue to be a high priority for Epic Games.

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Source: Eurogamer

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