Fortnite Creative Will Let All Players Create Their Own Games

Fortnite fans will be able to create their own games thanks to the new mode, Fortnite Creative. Epic Games’ Fortnite has always stood out in the overstuffed Battle Royale market thanks to its quirky style and the ability for players to build in-game. But so far those creations have been limited to buildings whose sole purpose is to deflect bullets from enemy players. For players who’ve wanted to stretch the limits of their creativity, they’ll now get their chance thanks to a new change coming with season 7.

As with the launch of every season of Fortnite, players can expect a host of new additions to keep things exciting. The developer has been keeping much of season 7 a surprise but they have given some hints about what to expect. Images for the new season tease two new methods of travel, skiing and zip lining so its quite possible winter is coming to Fortnite. A plane can be seen in the latest image, potentially revealing yet another way for players to move about the map. A different teaser showed an intimidating figure who looks like he crossed over from World of Warcraft. Fortnite fans should expect the game to remain as crazy and interesting as ever this season.

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Alongside the changes to the Battle Royale mode there will now be Fortnite Creative. The announcement appeared on Epic’s site along with details about what to expect in the mode’s early stages. Anyone with a Battle Pass will be able to access Fortnite Creative beginning December 6. The mode will be available to all players on the 13.

Fortnite Creative will allow players to build to their heart’s content. The mode gives players a private island and unlimited resources to build whatever they wish and will remain saved for whenever the player wishes to visit. Gamers can invite friends for a visit or and see the areas of other players as well. Not only are players able to build whatever structures they imagine (until reaching the island’s memory limit) but they can create their own game modes as well. The game modes are limited only by what the player can conjure up like death matches or races.

Season 7 changes aren’t the only news for Fortnite fans. Epic Games is expected to make an announcement during The Game Awards on December 6. The developer could be unveiling news regarding season 7 or may reveal more about their new digital storefront. Make sure to return to Screen Rant for all the latest details and announcements Fortnite has in store.

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Source: Epic Games

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