Forrest Whitaker's 10 Best Movies (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

Forrest Whitaker is a criminally underrated actor, and here are 10 movies which, according to Rotten Tomatoes, prove how great he can be.

Forest Whitaker is a phenomenal actor with a deep body of work to choose from. He's been both a giant of film and television and has starred in some of the biggest franchises in the world. He's also won plenty of awards for his amazing performances.

Whether it's an indie hit or a massive blockbuster, Forest's presence in a film essentially adds a stamp of quality, with his performances always becoming scene-stealing. Here are 10 of Forest Whitaker's best films according to Rotten Tomatoes!

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10 Food Chains

The first film on this list is actually a documentary, but, because of its feature-length run time, Rotten Tomatoes still counts it amongst Forest's body of work. The veteran actor actually provided his smooth voice to this project, as a narrator.

The voice-over work of Whitaker on the film really helped to create a bit of prestige for the project. The film follows the food industry in the United States and the people who are abused through the system. This thought-provoking doc sits at 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.

9 Good Morning Vietnam

The classic cry of "Good Morning Vietnam" by Robin Williams over the radio, usually defines this award-winning film. What should not be forgotten is that although Williams puts in a memorizing performance, the supporting cast is just as talented.

Forest Whitaker is one of those supporting cast members, stepping into the role of Edward Garlick. The film takes place throughout the Vietnam war and has become a widely regarded classic in the cinema world. It also has a fresh 90% on RT.

8 Songs My Brother Taught Me

Forest Whitaker owns his own production company which is dedicated to telling unique stories. As such, sometimes Rotten Tomatoes will include one of the films that he has helped to produce because it's such a huge part of his career moving forward.

Although he does not have a starring role, Songs My Brother Taught Me is a proud piece of Whitaker's work about a Native American community and a relationship between siblings. It has 91% on Rotten Tomatoes!

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7 Smoke

We're back into films that feature Whitaker as part of the cast now and the surprise hit Smoke is the next film on our list. The fifteen-chapter film is all about a cigar store and all of the people that interact with it. Whitaker is one of those elusive people.

He portrays Cyrus Cole, and the film released in cinemas in 1995 before finally hitting home video in 2003. The performance is somewhat forgotten about by many people, but with 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, it is actually one of the heights of his career.

6 Sorry To Bother You

Forest has a producing credit on this film once again and was heavily involved in its production. However, he does also have a brief role in the project, although the cast is based around young up and coming actors, like Tessa Thompson.

The unique and crazy film is all about a phone salesman who quickly rises up the ranks of the industry into a strange and confusing world. It's a bit of a parallel world but it represented a lot about our own society. It received a fresh 93% from critics.

5 The Crying Game

This tense thriller is extremely political and uses Forest in a really unique way. The performance put in from Whitaker is astounding but there's a lot more at play in this game of life and death. The film actually surrounds the Irish troubles.

The IRA kidnap Whitaker's Jody, who is a British soldier. It's deeply impactful and very representative of some of the real-world struggles that Ireland has faced. The 1992 film was so good that it has since been rated with a fresh 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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4 Fruitvale Station

This is another one of Whitaker's producing credits and a film we can imagine he's very proud of. It's also one of the occasions in which he worked with Michael B. Jordan, who is the star of this emotional and fantastically produced tale.

The film is also directed by Ryan Coogler, and it is clear how these three men will cross paths once again later on this list. The focus of this story is essentially about a man trying to live his life better, and it managed to get a fresh 94% for its efforts.

3 Arrival

One of the best sci-fi films of the decadeArrival added something truly unique to the genre. It starred some massive names including Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner and was all about communicating with an alien species that have appeared on Earth for the first time.

Whitaker plays a military figure that refreshingly doesn't just want to shoot at the aliens that have invaded. This is a story about language and prejudice and garnered another fresh 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, showing how consistent Whitaker is in the industry.

2 Black Panther

The superhero film featuring Marvel's Black Panther has made it onto Chadwick Boseman's list of best films. It's only right that Forest Whitaker also gets credit for one of the best films of its year and one of the highest-rated superhero films ever.

The tale of the African nation of Wakanda and the fight for its throne captured the imagination of audiences across the world. Whitaker plays a small but vital role in the film, alongside Michael B. Jordan with the film directed by Ryan Coogler. It's a strong and fresh 97%.

1 Mysteries of the Unseen World

Ironically, the highest-rated film in Forest Whitaker's career is not one where he is acting. In fact, he's only providing the voice over for this Nat Geo project that managed to take critics by storm and impress audiences across the United States.

The film is all about accessing parts of nature that were previously never seen before, often using specific nano-technology. It's breathtakingly beautiful and groundbreaking, earning it a very rare 100% on the reviewing site Rotten Tomatoes.

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