Fortnite's Single-Round Kill Record Was Just Broken

One Fortnite player takes advantage of the game's rocket launch event to take down 48 players in a single round, breaking the record.

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One Fortnite player took advantage of a recent event in the game to net the title's single-round kill record, taking down 48 players in one shot. Sure, that effort took some lowdown and dirty tactics, but the username Elemental_Ray will reverberate throughout the game's world as its number one mass murderer.

Fortnite is a popular free-to-play co-op sandbox survival game, where players live in a world devastated by storms and zombie-like creatures. Players work together to build structures to protect themselves and others from the storms, but they can also battle it out against each other. One of the most popular events in the game is the rocket launch, when players gather together en masse to watch the game's rockets blast into the sky. This brings together players from all over the world, which makes the event prime ground for taking down as many players as possible in one fell swoop.

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PC Gamer reports that this is exactly what Elemental_Ray did: They took advantage of the players gathered together to net the game record for single-round kills. Players built ramps to watch the rocket launch, but just after the rocket took off, Elemental_Ray jumped off the ramp and then destroyed it, taking out all 48 players that were standing on it. It's definitely a dirty tactic, but it still set a record in the game. The video below shows just how Elemental_Ray did it.

However, karma caught up to Elemental_Ray later on during the event. Once they got back up on a ramp to watch the rocket launch, another player came along and took out that ramp, as well as Elemental_Ray. Turnabout is fair play, as they say.

The rocket launch itself went off without a hitch, and for those players that missed it because they expired before it happened, there is video of that, too.

Fortnite remains a hot topic these days due to Sony's insistence that it won't allow PS4 players to crossplay the game with players on other platforms. Sony has not given a lot of details about its decision on this, but it likely has everything to do with money and trying to keep Fortnite players solely on its console. So far, though, all this decision has really done is make the company look bad with Fortnite's players.

For those players who lost their lives during the rocket launch, they can still take solace in the fact that they helped Elemental_Ray make history, at least until someone else comes along and breaks that record.

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Source: PC Gamer

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