15Moon Knight (Warren Ellis run)

Moon Knight Khonshu

Yes, the writers of Screen Rant definitely have a soft spot for the Fist of Khonshu. There is, however, good reason for that. Moon Knight is a fascinating case of a character who has transcended his origins to become more fascinating, arguably, than his influences. It

is widely seen that Moon Knight is a derivative version of DC’s Batman. Unlike Batman, Moon Knight grapples with mental illness and split personalities (or does he?). And unlike Batman, Moon Knight operates as the avatar of the Egyptian god of the moon and travellers.

Perhaps no superhero was better suited for a revival at the hands of Warren Ellis (most famous for his gonzo journalist sci-fi dystopia comic Transmetropolitan). With the help of stark and gorgeous art from Declan Shalvey, Ellis explores multiple facets of the hero and his personas in his six-issue run. There are supernatural issues, there are gritty street-level issues, and we are treated to probably the greatest nearly-wordless comic of all-time. Issue 5 sees Mr. Knight (the dapper MK persona that wears the best costume in comics) rescue a kidnapped girl from an abandoned hotel where she’s held hostage by mobsters (think a comic version of The Raid).

If you want super-heroes but have done The Avengers or Justice League to death, Moon Knight is a great direction to go in. It should also be noted that Jeff Lemire’s current Moon Knight book is also pretty freaking great (and involves pyramids in New York City and space werewolves).

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