15Birds of Prey (2003)

Ashley Scott and Dina Meyer in Birds of Prey

One of the superhero TV shows people forgot about, Birds of Prey was an attempt by Warner Bros. to extend the universe set up in Smallville. Clearly, something went wrong with this show since Smallville is remembered while Birds of Prey is definitely forgotten.

The television show

is a Bat-family drama, taking place after the Joker murders Catwoman and paralyzes Batgirl, causing Batman to leave New Gotham. That’s right—Batman’s not in this show and Catwoman is dead! Instead the show stars Batgirl, now operating as Oracle, and the daughter of Batman and Catwoman-- Helena, AKA Huntress. They are joined by a teenage Dinah, AKA Black Canary—sorry, the daughter of the Black Canary, who has psychic abilities.

Despite Birds of Prey's potential, it only lasted 13 episodes—just in time to feature a battle royal between the Birds of Prey and Harley Quinn. It sounds like it would be awesome. But even voice-only appearances from Mark Hamill as the Joker sadly couldn’t save the show. If only they had any characters from Smallville show up, like in the Arrowverse, then maybe people would remember this show.

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