Forest Whitaker is Jekyll and 50 Cent is Hyde

We've done some previous reporting on Universal's Jeykll, the upcoming modern-day re-telling of the Jekyll and Hyde story starring Keanu Reeves.

Well, apparently one modern-day Jeykll/Hyde movie isn't enough, so two more stars are hopping on the split personality bandwagon: Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker and rap superstar Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson will each take on one side of the Jeykll/Hyde divide in the upcoming movie Jeykll and Hyde. Can you guess who is going to be playing who?.

If you're still wondering: Whitaker will play the Jeykll character and Jackson will be playing the Hyde character. I know, shocking.

So far there are few details about what this particular "re-imagining" will involve, or what will set it apart from the Keanu Reeves version - other than the obvious fact that two actors an actor and a rapper will be playing the different personalities, as opposed to one extremely wooden actor.  I'm sure we'll be hearing more in the near future.

Jeykll and Hyde is being helmed by Abel Ferrara, director of the classic (and gritty) urban dramas Bad Lieutenant and King of New York. UK production company Independent is producing Jeykll and Hyde, which is set to go into production this summer.

Hearing Ferrara's name attached warrants me to at least give this film a second glance. I just can't stop laughing though: the thought of Forest Whitaker transforming into 50 Cent and going on a rampage is just too hard not to laugh at.

Side Note: This is also a pretty ironic casting decision, considering that for a moment a few months ago it looked like 50 Cent was going to play Forest Whitaker's vacated role in The Expendables. Now 50 can really be Forest Whitaker! Score!

What about you? Is Jeykll and Hyde going to be the Jeykll/Hyde movie for you?

Source: Slash Film

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