Ford v. Ferrari Trailer: Christian Bale & Matt Damon Try to Win Les Mans

Christian Bale as Ken Miles in Ford v. Ferrari

A new trailer for Ford v. Ferrari is officially released online. James Mangold's latest drama was at one point scheduled to premiere this past summer, but Fox ultimately decided to push it back for November. It seemed the idea was to position Ford v. Ferrari for an Oscar run this year, and the studio's confidence in the project appears to have paid off. Ford v. Ferrari screened at the 2019 Telluride Film Festival, where it received enthusiastic reactions from critics. Mangold's crafting of the intense racing sequences and Christian Bale's performance as driver Ken Miles were two aspects in particular that earned heavy praise.

Starring Bale and Matt Damon (who plays Carroll Shelby), Ford v. Ferrari is based on the true story of the Ford Motor Company's quest to defeat powerhouse Ferrari at the 1966 Les Mans. Over the summer, the first trailer was released, teasing a true-story drama that could be equal parts entertaining and thrilling. With Ford v. Ferrari's theatrical release date drawing closer, Fox is ramping up marketing efforts with a new preview.

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Today, Fox unveiled the latest Ford v. Ferrari trailer. You can watch it for yourself in the space below:

Much like the first trailer, this new one taps into the friendship between Carroll and Ken, which looks to be the emotional core of the film. The trailer plays up the idea that they're outsiders in the world of auto racing and aren't typical "Ford men," which means they're going up against more than Ferrari in their mission. Based on the footage, the two will be coming to blows with Henry Ford II (Tracy Letts) multiple times as they work to complete their new car and compete in Les Mans. Anyone familiar with this film genre can likely tell how these story beats will play out, but Ford v. Ferrari seems like it will be an exciting and entertaining movie when it hits theaters in November. There are multiple moments in the trailer played for laughs, suggesting Mangold found the right balance between comedy and drama. Ford v. Ferrari could be a major crowd-pleaser in the fall.

Ford v. Ferrari continued to receive positive word-of-mouth at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, solidifying its place among 2019's Oscar contenders. There's obviously still a long way to go in the awards race, but right now, Ford v. Ferrari appears safe to land multiple nominations, particularly in the below-the-line categories like sound mixing and editing. It'll be interesting to see how far Ford v. Ferrari goes, but it's a film many people like and is bolstered by A-list star power. That combination will only help its chances as Fox starts up the campaign.

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