Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Season 2 Trailer Confirms Premiere Date

The heroes of the Star Wars universe return in the new Forces of Destiny season 2 trailer. Now that Lucasfilm is putting out a Star Wars film every year, fans no longer have to wait long for more adventures set in the universe. But recently, the studio has also been increasing the other projects involving fan-favorite characters. As fans wait for The Last Jedi this winter, Rebels is all set to return to TV. Meanwhile, Disney will be unveiling another series soon.

Earlier this year, Lucasfilm kicked off their Forces of Destiny initiative, which put the focus on the female heroes of the Star Wars universe. The results saw new toys and a series of shorts released online. These new adventures featured Ahsoka, Jyn, Leia, and more. Now, they're about to return.

Disney has just released the trailer for season 2 of Forces of Destiny. Arriving as two half-hour specials on the Disney Channel on October 1st and 29th, the animated series will bring back the characters from season one. Along with the return of Hera, Sabine, and Rey, we'll also see Yoda, Han Solo and Finn brought into the mix.

From Yoda and Ahsoka training to the origin of Rey the scavenger, the trailer looks to tell a lot of interesting tales. And though the target is younger viewers, older Star Wars fans will certainly enjoy seeing their favorite heroes in new stories.

Along with the returning characters, some new faces are seen in the trailer. For one, Maz Kanata looks to have moved from the narrator in season 1 to a character in on the action in next month's new season. We also see the return of Sabine's frenemy Ketsu Onyo. Last seen joining up with the Ghost crew on Rebels, it looks like Lucasfilm will be giving her more of a spotlight moving forward.

It seems clear Disney is invested in Forces of Destiny. Going from a webseries to TV specials is quite the jump, and it wouldn't be surprising to see the narrative and animation continued to evolve in future seasons. And with this year's continuation of Rebels and the growing story of The Last Jedi, these characters will have plenty of new adventures to go on.

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Star Wars: Forces of Destiny will air as two half-hour long television specials on October 1st and 29th on the Disney Channel.

Source: Disney

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