Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Padme Trains With Ahsoka

The latest episode of Forces of Destiny brings together two Clone Wars heroes for a tense training session in space. Thanks to Disney acquiring Lucasfilm, a concerted effort has been made to push out more stories that sit within Star Wars canon. From comics to books to games, the corners of the galaxy far, far, away have been explored and highlighted. But film and television have continued to serve a vital role in that strategy as well.

Alongside this year's The Last Jedi and the upcoming final season of Rebels, Disney and Lucasfilm have been heavily promoting their Forces of Destiny initiative. Designed to promote the female heroes of the franchise and pull young girls into the world of Star Wars, a new line of figures and series of shorts have been rolling out all year. The first season of the show arrived just a few months ago, and we're already well into season 2.

Disney has just posted the final episode of their first batch of new Forces of Destiny. Airing as a TV special last weekend on Disney XD, the four new episodes have been coming out all week. In the latest one, we see Ahsoka take Padme out for a lesson in flying. Naturally, things go south almost immediately.

While Padme wasn't given a ton to do in the prequels, The Clone Wars animated series provided her with a lot more to do during the pivotal period of history. From diplomat to warrior, she proved herself time and time again. She also got fairly close with Ahsoka, Anakin's Padawan.

In the new short, we see her learn how to become a better pilot, a skill that's always useful in the Star Wars universe. And even when a new type of droid attacks the pair, Padme's instincts and quick thinking save the day.

This is Padme's first appearance in the new season, but she and Ahsoka shared another adventure last season. We also got to see Ahsoka be on the receiving end of training earlier this week in an episode where she sparred with Yoda. At the end of the month, Disney XD will air yet another Forces of Destiny special, featuring another batch of new episodes. When that happens, don't be surprised if Ahsoka and Padme return.

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Star Wars: Forces of Destiny‘s second half-hour long television special will air October 29th on the Disney Channel.

Source: Disney

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