Target Force Friday Promo Urges Fans to Bring Their Rey Game

Consider it Christmas for Star Wars fans: Force Friday is only a week away, promising new merchandise, apparel, books, and everything in between, and a new promo highlights Rey (Daisy Ridley). This year's Force Friday will center on, of course, Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, and already fans are counting down the days until they can get their hands on fluffy Porg plushies and new T-shirts to rep their fandom.

There will be events galore held by retailers to celebrate, as well as giveaways and other celebrations. Target just released an ad to promote its Force Friday II event, and it might take the crown for best promotion so far.

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Featuring the tagline "Bring Your Rey Game," the ad [above] celebrates the unstoppable lead of the sequel trilogy, Rey, as well as the legion of women and girls who she's inspired. Set to Sia's "Unstoppable", the ad shows a variety of women and young girls either in action — fighting, flying, and skateboarding — or in cosplay as Rey. The Target logo even turns into a portrait of Rey in profile. Target is undoubtedly counting on Rey and various Rey themed merchandise to be the hit of Force Friday, and therefore is tailoring its advertising campaign around her.

To see a woman be the center of a massive merchandise campaign — which ranges from action figures to home decor — is new; most tie-in campaigns either center around faceless villains (such as Death Trooper merch for Rogue One) or the male heroes of the film. Female-centered merch is hard to find, a problem that exploded in the wake of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens' release where audiences demanded more Rey merchandise than was produced. So far, toy companies have been taking steps to correct that, and clearly Target feels as though Rey will be a major selling point for Force Friday II, instead of needing to hide her behind various Stormtrooper variants.

Force Friday II promises a lot of fun reveals and exciting events for Star Wars fans, and it's nice to see that between "Bring Your Rey Game" and the recent Forces of Destiny shorts and dolls that Star Wars and retailers are including the women of fandom as well, instead of just catering to male fans. Hopefully this year will see a plethora of Rey merchandise amid stormtroopers and Porgs galore, instead of leaving audiences wondering "#WheresRey."

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Source: Target

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