Star Wars: Force Friday II Event Guide & Giveaways

Star Wars The Last Jedi Merchandise Packaing featuring Poe Dameron Rey and Finn

A list of events and giveaways that will take place at a variety of retailers for Force Friday II has been revealed. Soon, the first wave of Star Wars: The Last Jedi tie-in products will officially hit store shelves, signaling the imminent arrival of the highly-anticipated sequel. Fans have already gotten a head start of putting together shopping lists thanks to a plethora of toy leaks that have popped up on the web over the past couple of months, and they'll shortly be able to bring those products home, adding to their collections. The likes of Hasbro, LEGO, and Funko have big things planned with extensive lines that highlight all the main characters.

Once people figure out what they want to buy, the biggest question is where to go to purchase it. To help make that decision easier (or, depending on your point of view, harder), stores commemorate Force Friday with their own special exclusives as a means to entice customers. Just about every retailer one can think of is taking part in the festivities, so, much to the delight of interested consumers, a one-stop shop of everything happening come September 1 is online.

Posted on the Star Wars website, the list runs down all the companies with something in store for Force Friday - ranging from Toys 'R' Us to Pottery Barn. Unsurprisingly, the Disney Store has the most extensive agenda, complete with a mini poster set for the first 100 guests who make a purchase, an R2-D2 craft activity, Star Wars Story Time, and special theming that represents the light and dark sides of the Force. Wal-Mart will display the 6-foot LEGO Luke Skywalker that appeared at this year's San Diego Comic-Con at their Orlando, FL location and host "Jedi Be Ready" games and activities at select stores. Toys 'R' Us is handing out free Funko Pop figures, t-shirts, and collectible posters for Force Friday attendees. Several of the other retailers are teasing exclusive products in addition to the regular lines. Click on the link above to see the complete list of all participating stores.

Ever since the infamous Kenner "empty box" campaign in 1977, merchandising has been a huge part of the Star Wars franchise. Lucasfilm is keenly aware of this fact, and has turned the official unveiling of new tie-in materials into an unofficial holiday. The action figures are just the tip of the iceberg, as Staples will sell new Star Wars drones and the "Journey to The Last Jedi" publication series begins in ernest with the Phasma and Leia: Princess of Alderaan novels (among others). No matter how one enjoys Star Wars outside the theater, there will be something for everybody as fans scout the stores. The studio has kept promotion for Episode VIII down to a minimum at this point in time, but with the summer movie season in the rearview mirror, that's about to dramatically change. It's only a matter of time before another trailer debuts, along with a theatrical poster and a bevy of TV spots.

Force Friday II also has an interactive component thanks to the Find the Force treasure hunt, where fans can use the Star Wars app to scan graphics in stores and take pictures with digital renderings of Last Jedi characters (test it now to get an early look at the porgs). Lucasfilm hinted a new character will be revealed as part of this, as well as announcing a sweepstakes to win tickets to the Episode VIII premiere. It's a lot to take in, so hopefully viewers can enjoy as much of Force Friday as possible.

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