Star Wars: Force For Change Video Shows Han Solo Set

Han Solo Movie Cast Photo cropped

A new Force for Change video gives fans a glimpse at the set of the upcoming young Han Solo movie. Last week, Lucasfilm unveiled their latest charity initiative, which includes a wide variety of perks and prizes for donors. One lucky fan will receive three Star Wars experiences of a lifetime: visiting Skywalker Ranch, attending the premiere of The Last Jedi, and touring the set of the aforementioned Han Solo spinoff (representing the past, present, and future of the property). The contest will run until May 11, 2017, so there's still plenty of time to enter.

The Force for Change campaign has proven to be highly successful over the past couple of years, raising a large sum of money for a plethora of great causes. And while fans giving back will happily take a t-shirt, signed memorabilia, or a poster collection as a gift, everyone is going to want that grand prize. Seemingly aware of this, Lucasfilm has now altered the rules a bit so someone else (besides the main contest winner) will get an opportunity to be on the set of a Star Wars film.

Today, Lucasfilm posted a new video online (watch it above) featuring Warwick Davis. The actor states that this week, one person will be selected to join him in the studio as Han Solo makes its way through principal photography. However, since a movie set contains several spoilers, Davis' original plan to showcase what the winner will see was nixed, so instead he shared some candid behind-the-scenes photos he took. Poking fun at Disney's sense of secrecy in regards to Star Wars projects, the pictures include the parking lot, vending machines, and office supplies - nothing that gives anything away. Davis, always the showman, still does a great job at selling the images to make them seem more exciting than they are.

Han Solo Movie Cast Photo cropped

Later on, Han Solo directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller send Davis a video message from the set, and the comedic filmmakers don't follow the "no spoilers" mantra as strictly as Davis does. Playfully panning the camera to the left, a new creature is revealed as presumably an actor in-costume takes a break in between scenes. Of course, this is all playing along with the joke of how nothing substantial should be shared in these promo videos, and in all likelihood, this alien is merely a background character who will help fill out an environment that Han and Chewie are in. The studio obviously approves whatever is put out to the public, and they gave this the thumbs up before it made its way on the Internet. Die-hard Star Wars fans can uncover tiny clues by examining the background of these set videos, so Lucasfilm wants to keep as much under lock and key as they can.

Fortunately, it won't be much longer before more concrete details about Han Solo are announced. Though the project was absent from Star Wars Celebration Orlando, it is expected to have a presence at D23 in July. Rumors have suggested the movie's official title will be announced there, and hopefully attendees can see some early footage. The film is just about a year away, so soon they will have to start teasing it.

Source: Lucasfilm

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