Force Awakens Easter Egg Proves Luke's Final Words to Kylo

Kylo Ren's (Adam Driver) facial lesion apparently has a subtle reference to Han Solo (Harrison Ford) as its placed directly on top of his father's last touch before he ignited his lightsaber and killed him. Star Wars: The Last Jedi continued the personal arc that Star Wars: The Force Awakens started for our new heroes such as Rey (Daisy Ridley), Poe (Oscar Isaac) and Finn (John Boyega), as well as Ben Solo, who has now emerged as the trilogy's main big bad.

Looking to end its theatrical run with at least a $1.3 billion total global box office haul, The Last Jedi is a solid addition to the Star Wars lore. Despite the controversies that haunted it almost immediately following its release last month, the film took chances and in turn, resulted in cracking the mythos open and paved the way for more innovative storytelling opportunities moving forward.

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A Reddit user with the username raqfox cites what some view as a subtle call back to Han Solo on his son's facial scar. Of course, the wound was given by Rey during their lightsaber battle later in The Force Awakens, but the placement of Kylo Ren's injury appears to line up with the spot where his dad last touched him. Realizing this has a lot of fans feeling heartbroken all over again for the death of the franchise's beloved hero. Additionally, the placement of the scar carries new weight based on Luke Skywalker's comments to Kylo in The Last Jedi about how Han would always be with him, due to the younger Solo's decision to strike his father down in anger.

The visual connection remains noticeable, despite the fact that Last Jedi director Rian Johnson took the creative liberty to slightly adjust the placement of the scar. Whether the scar's placement was originally intended to draw a parallel to Han's last encounter with his son remains a mystery for now. Still, if Lucasfilm decides to make a story out of it in Star Wars: Episode IX, it would be a great way to continue Kylo Ren's story, given that every single time he looks at himself in the mirror, there will be a physical reminder of his father's horrific final moments.

Much of the conversation that followed after Kylo Ren killed Han Solo revolved around if he'll ever be redeemed. At this point, it seems that notion is already thrown out the window, with even Leia (Carrie Fisher) acknowledging that during her conversation with Luke before the Jedi Master's big battle in Crait against his nephew. Killing Supreme Leader Snoke was Kylo's completion of his turn to the dark side. However, given that we don't have any inkling as to what JJ Abrams has in store for Episode IX, it's hard to completely discredit the possibility that perhaps there will be a way to save him.

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