For the 7 Buck Rogers Fans Out There...

With all the re-imagining of older films, or series, it's inevitable that as some franchises get snapped up, other studios look to the franchises that haven't been snatched up yet and in this case, Buck Rogers is one of those franchises.

It's being reported that Nu Image/Millennium Films has obtained the film rights to Buck Rogers, and is looking to give the franchise a live action shot at some screen treatment.

Up until now, the premise of the story which was first brought to the public in 1928, where the main character falls into a coma and woke up in the 25th century. In NBC's version back in the early 80's, he was flying a space shuttle and gets frozen in space until he is discovered and awakened in the 25th century.

I know we're getting pummeled with space show remakes, and this one ranked right below Battlestar Galactica in my book. Galactica wasn't that high on my book back then, but that old piece of toast was buttered up pretty good and became pretty tasty over on The Sci-Fi Channel.

Maybe, if we're lucky, the same might happen for Buck Rogers?

Nu Image/Millennium's Avi Lerner got the rights from the Dille Trust. The rights had been with Disney, but I don't think they wanted their franchise cartoon-ized by Disney, and they wanted to have more control over any distillation of the film, hence Nu Image/Millennium's good fortune.

In case you're wondering about some reports out there, Variety (My source for this earth shattering report) Frank Miller is not on the project because according to sources at Millennium, they don't have a creative team lined up yet.

The franchise had attracted notable and non-notable names through out it's various incarnations, from Buster Crabbe to Gil Gerard and Millennium is shopping the project to find a studio partner.

If you're wondering where you might have heard of Nu Image/Millennium before, they obtained the rights to Conan, which is now being developed with Lionsgate.

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