Follow up an Oscar win with... an MTV cartoon?!

Apparently they never learn...

Charlize Theron has reportedly accepted a career-high $10 million to star in Aeon Flux, a sci-fi film based on the MTV animated series. (That puts it one notch on the totem pole above movies based on video games.) Theron will play the acrobatic titular character who is assigned to kill a government leader. The story is set in a futuristic world where most humans have been killed by a virus. I can almost hear the cheesy trailer: "In a WORLD... where the only life worth SAVING... is your OWN..."

Charlize Theron, the odds-on favorite for Best Actress this year, apparently hasn't learned that an Oscar win comes with a price. Marisa Tomei won an Oscar for My Cousin Vinny. Due to some unwise career choices, she rarely appears in major releases anymore. Angelina Jolie won an Oscar for Girl Interrupted. She followed that up with movies that stunk to high heaven, and her career is in shambles as a result. And what about Mira Sorvino, who won an Oscar for Mighty Aphrodite? Anyone seen her in any major releases lately? I could go on and on... Theron needs to be taking her movie choices very seriously, and Aeon Flux ain't it. I'll be interested to see what happens with her career after her presumed Oscar win, but given her latest misstep, I'm not optimistic.

Source: E! Online


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