Floribama Shore’s Gus Says He’ll Kill Codi Over Disrespecting Him & His Girlfriend

Star of Floribama Shore’s Gus Smyrnios says he’d kill Codi Butts over disrespecting him and his girlfriend. The romance Romeo was trying to stand up for himself but just came off as a juiced-up muscle head who couldn’t control his anger.

The south will rise again thanks to a bunch of young adults and their shenanigans who only know how to party. The MTV team has created another pop-culture hit with a show that applauds young culture and films right along the Florida Panhandle. The show premiered back in November of 2017 and is the descendant of the successful Jersey Shore franchise.

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While the Jersey Shore may be coming to an end for the season, fans do not have to be frightened as season 3 of Floribama Shore is scheduled for its premiere this week. People magazine had a sneak peek of the crazy summer the roommates shared but this time instead of trashing PCB, the gang will be taking over St. Petersburg which still borders the Florida-Georgia coastline. The original members are returning but will also include a new member of the dysfunctional family, Mattie.

Heartthrob and romance cover model, Gus will be officially off the market after the last seasons' bachelor lifestyle. The official sneak peek showed Smyrnios absolutely losing it with one of his best friends in the house, Butts. The altercation came when Butts chucked some unkind words towards Smyrnios’ new girlfriend. In the clip, Gus told Codi to not talk "sh*t" about his new love interest and then unexpectedly lunged for his roommate. Luckily, strong man Jeremiah Buoni catches Gus in time and holds him back, but the verbal threats continued for some time. Gus blacked out from anger and continued to yell to Cody that he would kill him and beat him up. The altercation was the straw that broke the camel’s back with Gus as he felt he has been constantly disrespected in the beach house.

As usual, security stepped in and broke up the heated fight, much to all the other roommate’s relief. While the muscle head did take a very long time to catch his breath his frightened roommate admitted that he has never seen his friend this upset before saying he is now afraid to go to sleep. Fans are positive that the fight will be squashed fast as the boys are long-time friends and would not let something like a new girlfriend destroy their relationship.

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Season 3 of Floribama Shore premieres November 14th at 8 pm EST on MTV.

Source: People

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